Hailey Bieber Saves Her Lingerie for Special Occasions

There are plenty of people who would consider Hailey Bieber an icon—she does star in the Victoria’s Secret Icons campaign alongside the likes of Naomi Campbell and Gisele Bündchen, after all. But the 26-year-old model, street style savant, and beauty mogul would say otherwise. In her words, an icon is “someone who stands the test of time,” listing Campbell as the perfect example. As we chat over the phone, Bieber elaborates: For her, reaching icon status means leaving a stamp on the world. “I still have a lot more that I want to do to leave an impression on people before I see it that way,” she says. “I just feel really lucky and blessed to be on the path and trajectory I’m on, and I’m really excited to keep pushing forward and leave whatever mark I can on the world.” Part of that mark includes participating in the lingerie brand’s new World Tour.

That’s right: Victoria’s Secret is bringing back its signature fashion show, but in an entirely new way. This time, the brand is following creatives in four cities around the globe, and Bieber is one of the many talents featured in the documentary-style film, which will be streaming on Amazon Prime Video starting September 26. “It’s been really awesome getting to work with Victoria’s Secret—obviously, they’re such an iconic brand. I never got to participate in former fashion shows, and looking at how they’ve done the [World Tour], I’m happy to be part of it now and the way the brand is doing it.” When asked what about the new iteration of the fashion show appeals most to her, she says it’s the people she had the opportunity to work with. “I think the comfort level that they provide for the women on set is really amazing…it’s a really respectful environment.”

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Of course, working as a fashion model—and more specifically, a model in the lingerie industry—does not come without its challenges, especially when it comes to body image. Bieber confesses that staying positive through her work requires both mental and physical strength, and having grace for herself. “I know my genetic makeup has a lot to do with my frame and body type, but I’m also putting in a lot of time working out and eating as healthy as possible,” she shares, adding that it’s important for her not to be too hard on herself when she skips a week at the gym and, being a foodie, won’t restrict her diet. Simply put, living a healthy, balanced lifestyle makes Bieber feel good mentally—and if she feels good mentally, she’s embracing her body more.

Living a life that’s constantly in the spotlight (or, in Bieber’s opinion, on photo shoot mood boards for decades to come), particularly in the era of the internet and social media, often leads to criticism. Whether it’s in the form of a silly meme or something else, she doesn’t hide that she, like anyone else, gets affected by it. “My confidence gets super low all the time…but having people around you to remind you of the truth of who you are and surrounding yourself with people who love you for you is something that keeps me the most encouraged,” the model—who recently celebrated her five-year anniversary with husband Justin Bieber—says.

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We go on to discuss how Bieber’s relationship with lingerie has changed over the years. While some may like to wear their most luxurious underpinnings beneath their daily ensembles, she prefers to keep hers for more specific occasions. As she puts it, “I wear it for fun; like if it’s Valentine’s Day or Christmas, and riffing off of that. Victoria’s Secret does a really good job with what they put out for each holiday or special [occasion], so I really like correlating my lingerie to those [offerings].”

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Noting how those special occasions are exactly that—special occasions—and the fact that Bieber’s been on a roll with her skin care (and now makeup) brand Rhode, I ask what she does on the off-hours to wind down. Naturally, with a schedule like hers, she reveals that she enjoys spending time at home. “As I’ve gotten older, I have more of an appreciation for being home with my dogs and my husband, watching movies and ordering in food,” she says, adding that she spent a full 24 hours in her pajamas. “Movies and PJs? It was the best day ever.”

So, what is Hailey Bieber watching right now? She shares that she just finished Sex and the City—yes, she binged the entire series. Now that she’s done with that, she’s moved on to And Just Like That…. Two iconic series for an iconic star. Could you expect anything less?

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