Marjorie Taylor Greene fumbles her Yom Kippur greeting with image of Chanukah menorah

In a now deleted message to X (formerly Twitter) on Sunday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga. fumbled a Yom Kippur greeting by using incorrect imagery associated with an entirely different Jewish holiday.

In her original message, she wrote, “To all those preparing for the solemn day of Yom Kippur, I wish you a meaningful fast. Gamar Chasima Tova!” And along with it, an image of a Shofar in front of a Chanukah menorah, which many were quick to point out was incorrect. Deleting that, she fired off a new message to social media, minus the imagery.

Although she caught her error relatively quickly, and attempted to correct it, her initial efforts served as a reminder that this isn’t the first time she’s insulted the Jewish community. Back in March, she was similarly called out for writing, “Happy Purim! May it bring light, happiness, joy, and honor!” 

Greene has a reputation for making antisemitic statements (remember “space lasers?) which are contradictory to her messaging on holidays, obviously making them read as insincere.  

Nice try, but too late. You already showed the people your true colors,” one person responded to her most recent offense today.

Space Lasers for All!!!” wrote another. 


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