Roger Stone calls DeSantis a “weasel” in word of warning to Matt Gaetz

In a tense back and forth between Roger Stone and Matt Gaetz that played out on X (formerly Twitter) on Saturday, Stone attempted to bend Gaetz’s opinion of Ron DeSantis by airing out his own.

The exchange began when Gaetz wrote the following on the social media platform: “DeSantis will return to Florida as a popular, successful governor with two years of runway to cement a legacy of accomplishment in America’s third largest (and best) state.”

To which Stone replied, “Wrong, Matt Gaetz. You created this monster who has proven to be a backstabbing weasel and ingrate. He’s done and if you keep kissing his a**, so are you.”

In coverage by Newsweek, they provide backstory here, which centers on a Politico article that was published on Friday about DeSantis’ popularity plunging in Florida. Bruce LeVell, a longtime advisor & appointee to Trump, shared this to his own socials, writing, “Hey ⁦Ron DeSantis⁩, do you remember when I was sitting next to you in Orlando when President Trump announced his run for a 2nd term? I told you that you’re doing great and have a bright future. Wellllll.”


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