Moms for Liberty hit with tax complaint

A Michigan attorney confirmed this weekend that she’s filed a tax complaint against the rightwing parental rights group, Moms For Liberty, alleging that the organization is in violation of its 501(c)4 non-profit status. According to The Guardian, which gained access to the private complaint, “experts in tax law say an IRS investigation into the Moms for Liberty, named an extremist group by Southern Poverty Law Center, would take at least two years. If their non-profit status is revoked, it would most likely cause the group to re-characterize as a private organization, further decreasing transparency about how money is flowing into it.”

“It would be a permissible educational purpose if there were advocating to remove gender discussions from classrooms and schools if there was a balanced presentation of benefits and drawbacks of using a person’s preferred pronouns, supporting LGBTQ youth, impacts on children of being ‘exposed’ to LGBTQ supportive environments,” the complaint states. “There is not.”

Per The Guardian’s report, Moms For Liberty did not comment on the matter directly, saying only that “they would be unable to respond to questions without seeing a copy of the complaint.”


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