Former Trump adviser linked to dating site for anti-vaxxers called 4ThePURE

Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser, appears to be launching an online community for anti-vaxxers called 4thePURE.

For a lifetime founding membership of $2,500, users will be free to connect with unvaccinated singles and also gain access to a directory of “COVID-19 unvaccinated patriot businesses,” according to Insider

In a video promoting the site, which first made the rounds on Twitter on May 9, Flynn delivers a pitch saying, “I’m honored to announce an opportunity to support a new freedom movement sweeping across the nation. 4thePURE is an online community meant to connect likeminded individuals who courageously stood against the COVID-19 jab campaign.”

Although Flynn has established a reputation for being vocal about his anti-vax beliefs and his creative views on the origins of the COVID-19 virus — saying on Alex Jones’ “Infowars” in 2022 that George Soros and Bill Gates may have had something to do with it — there’s been question as to whether or not 4thePURE is a deep fake or hoax of some sort.

As of this writing, the Twitter account for the new site only has 27 followers, but according to Snopes, it seems legit.

“Though we have found no evidence to suggest that the ad and video are inauthentic, Snopes is still in the process of trying to confirm Flynn’s direct participation in them. We have reached out to Flynn for comment and will update this fact check if and when we receive a response. For now, we rate the claim “Research In Progress.'”

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The 4thePURE website, which features Flynn’s photo along with a lengthier statement on the site’s offerings and how to become a member, also includes a Q&A section which would, again, lead one to question if this is all a joke.

One question prompts an explanation for what the ‘4’ stands for in 4thePURE, listing the answer as, “4thePURE of mind, body, soul, and spirit.”

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