Why Karol G Will No Longer Talk About Her Love Life Publicly: ‘Before, I Was Being Too Accessible’

With 63 million followers on Instagram alone, Karol G has the world’s eye on her. But she’s no longer kissing and telling on the platform for good reason, she explains to ELLE in her June/July 2023 cover story.

The Colombian singer first declined to speak about her rumored relationship status before admitting she’s overshared her personal life in the past. “As time goes on, I share less on social media….Before, I was being too accessible,” she says. “There are things that I can save for myself and enjoy without anyone’s opinions.”

Generally, Karol is trying to be a little less online, as social media can often be all-consuming. The space has been good for her, she says: “If I’m not on social media, I’m more focused on me, my things, my work, my ideas, my creativity. That, right now, is gold.”

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Karol has frequently used her personal life, including her breakup from ex-fiancé Anuel AA, as inspiration for her music. With her fourth album Mañana Será Bonito (translation: Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful), she was able to take her heartbreak and create Billboard chart history-making art. “I could never have imagined that such a dark period in my life would transform me into the person I am today,” Karol says. “The situation challenged me to learn, to appreciate what I had, to find happiness within myself, not in someone else….I think that is really the soul of the album and what has made it so successful.”

She adds that performing for her fans has been healing, too: “I’ve gone onstage crying because of personal things. I leave the stage and I know the problem hasn’t gone away, but I feel so much joy. And that infusion of joy is something I’m really missing when I’m not on tour.”

Read Karol G’s full interview here.

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