Which Love Is Blind Season 4 Couples Are Still Together?

The fourth season of Love Is Blind has featured a lot of surprises so far. A new group of singles from Seattle entered the famed Netflix pods looking for love. However, the course of true love never did run smooth, and not all of the couples who got engaged made it to the altar. Plus, some unexpected engagements and breakups made this season the most dramatic so far.

As we wait for the finale and Netflix’s first-ever live reunion, here’s what you need to know about all of the couples from Love Is Blind‘s season 4.

Tiffany and Brett

brett and tiffany on love is blind season 4

Brett and Tiffany on Love Is Blind season 4.


Tiffany and Brett’s love story is one for the ages. After instantly hitting it off in the pods, they seemed like a sure thing—until Tiffany fell asleep, that is. Luckily, Tiffany’s ill-timed nap wasn’t enough to put Brett off, and the pair got engaged having never seen one another.

After what seemed like a blissful vacation in Riviera Maya, Mexico, Tiffany and Brett returned to Seattle to meld their lives together. Unsurprisingly, their relationship was well-received by their friends and family, and it seemed as though nothing could stop them from making it down the aisle. When Tiffany got overwhelmed with the stress of planning a wedding, Brett was there to calm her down, proving that they make quite the team.

But will they tie the knot? Unfortunately, viewers will have to wait until the finale, which drops on Friday, April 14, to find out.

Chelsea and Kwame

love is blind l to r kwame, chelsea in episode 406 of love is blind cr courtesy of netflix © 2023

Kwame and Chelsea on Love Is Blind season 4.


Chelsea and Kwame’s relationship got off to somewhat of a rocky start, after Kwame expressed interest in Micah in the pods. When Micah chose Paul, Kwame circled back to Chelsea, and she agreed to marry him. Despite some insecurities surfacing in Mexico, Kwame and Chelsea made it back to Seattle together.

While Kwame is based in Portland, Chelsea is settled in Seattle. Obviously, this detail caused some logistical issues for the pair, and Kwame revealed that he wanted to do a lot more traveling before he settled down. In spite of facing these very real world considerations, Kwame and Chelsea are the first couple to make it to the altar.

The start of their wedding is shown in episode 11, with Kwame’s sister welcoming Chelsea into the family. At the altar, Chelsea says she will marry Kwame. But in true Love Is Blind style, the episode ends before we hear Kwame’s answer. Will he say yes, or will Chelsea have a runaway groom on her hands?

Zack and Irina

zack and irina love is blind

Zack and Irina on Love Is Blind season 4.


In the pods, Zack was torn between Irina and Bliss. Ultimately, he chose Irina. However, when the screen doors opened and they finally saw each other for the first time, there was a severe lack of chemistry. This only got worse in Mexico, where Irina told friends that Zack gave her the “ick.” She also repeatedly told him that he made too much eye contact, and any connection they’d had in the pods quickly dissipated.

Before the vacation ended, Zack and Irina agreed to go their separate ways, but not before Irina hit on Micah’s fiancé Paul. As Micah had been Irina’s only ally throughout the show, this seemed like a seriously bold move. Sadly for Irina, Paul wasn’t interested.

Zack and Bliss

love is blind l to r bliss, zach in episode 408 of love is blind cr courtesy of netflix © 2023

Bliss and Zack on Love Is Blind season 4.


It didn’t take Zack long to realize that he’d chosen the wrong person in the pods. After all, Zack and Bliss share the same favorite song: “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack. Plus, they both love owls.

In a first for Love Is Blind, Zack reconnected with Bliss in Seattle after splitting from Irina in Mexico. Although Bliss initially tried to play it cool, it became apparent that they both had feelings for one another. Despite telling Zack that he’d have to work hard to earn her trust, she accepted his proposal at the start of episode 8.

While Bliss’s mom warmed to Zack, her dad was not sold on the idea of his daughter marrying someone she’d just met. Can Zack and Bliss really overcome him choosing Irina to make it down the aisle? Fans will just have to wait for episode 12 on April 14!

Micah and Paul

paul and micah on love is blind season 4

Paul and Micah on Love Is Blind season 4.


While Micah and Paul might have seemed like an odd couple at first, they became more tactile with one another after returning to Seattle. Unfortunately for Paul, Micah’s friends didn’t think he was “the one,” but that didn’t seem to bother her too much.

Some of their biggest disagreements stemmed from where they should live once they were married. Micah lives between Seattle and Scottsdale, Arizona, but Paul didn’t want to commit to flying between the two places. He also seems pretty fixed on staying in his apartment, which Micah noted didn’t have nearly enough closet space.

In episode 11, Micah and Paul prepare to spend the night apart ahead of their wedding, and they both express how much they’ll miss one another. As for whether or not they make it to the altar, viewers will have to wait until the finale.

Jackie and Marshall

love is blind l to r jackie, marshall in episode 406 of love is blind cr courtesy of netflix © 2023

Jackie and Marshall on Love Is Blind season 4.


In the pods, Jackie chose Marshall over Josh, and the pair got engaged. At first, their relationship seemed to be going great, especially during their vacation in Mexico. However, back in the real world, cracks started to appear.

Marshall seemed like a doting fiancé, and even got up early to make Jackie breakfast before she went to work. However, Jackie accused him of not being forthright enough. After spending some time apart, it seemed as though they were working through their issues. During episode 8, the pair attended a party together, where Jackie reconnected with Josh.

An argument almost ensued between Jackie and Marshall in episode 9. Instead, Jackie simply didn’t turn up for her wedding dress fitting, leaving Marshall bereft. Is there a way back for Jackie and Marshall, or are they done for good?

Jackie and Josh?

love is blind l to r zach, chelsea, jackie, josh d, tiffany in episode 408 of love is blind cr courtesy of netflix © 2023

Jackie and Josh on Love Is Blind season 4.


Jackie and Josh had a connection in the pods, but it ended when Jackie chose Marshall. However, Josh returns in episode 8 when cast members reunite for a party. Despite Jackie’s engagement, Josh decides to make his move.

At the end of episode 9, Jackie fails to turn up for her wedding dress fitting, sending a clear sign to Marshall that she’s not planning on marrying him. Instead, we’re shown a meet-up between Jackie and Josh. He brings her flowers and confesses his love for her. She tells him she’s not ready to get married right away, but wants to see where a relationship could go. It’s currently unclear if Jackie and Josh are together. Needless to say, the live reunion is going to be wild.

Netflix’s first LIVE reunion special, Love Is Blind: The Live Reunion will stream on Sunday, April 16 at 8pm ET/5pm PT.

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