CNN host stunned as Trump attorney throws fellow Trump lawyer under the bus on live TV

An attorney representing former President Donald Trump acknowledged that one of his other lawyers may not be suitable to represent him against charges related to the 2016 hush-money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels.

Tim Parlatore, who is representing Trump against allegations that he sought to overturn the 2020 election, threw shade at Joe Tacopina, who is representing Trump in the Manhattan case.

CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins asked Parlatore if Tacopina was the “right person” to defend Trump against a litany of charges. She appeared surprised when Parlatore acknowledged that Tacopina had “certain potential conflict issues.”

“Well, I know that Susan Necheles is a phenomenal attorney, who’s working on all the legal aspects of this,” Parlatore said. “As to who’s going to try the case? I know that Joe has certain potential conflict issues, given his prior contacts with Stormy Daniels. So, who’s the right attorney to take it to trial is something that the client will have to decide.”

“Ultimately, the decision of who to stand next to, before a jury, is a decision that only the client can make,” he added.

“It sounds like you don’t think that Joe Tacopina can. And you think he has a conflict of interest here and will ultimately be the person, representing Trump, in this case?” a surprised Collins asked the attorney.

“I’m not going to comment on Joe Tacopina,” Parlatore replied after doing just that.

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Tacopina, who raised eyebrows in numerous TV appearances, including one in which he lunged for a host’s documents, could pose issues for the former president. Tacopina previously acknowledged speaking with Daniels when she was searching for representation, which could pose a conflict of interest.

Other Trump attorneys have privately criticized Tacopina since he joined the team, calling him “dumb,” a “loudmouth” and a “frickin’ idiot,” according to Rolling Stone.

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