Paul Mescal Surprised His Aftersun Co-Star With a Video from Olivia Rodrigo for Her Birthday

As if the internet hadn’t already crowned Paul Mescal daddy of the year, the Oscar-nominated actor just proved once again why he deserves the title. Mescal recently starred in the 2022 movie Aftersun, where he plays a struggling father taking his pre-teen daughter (newcomer Frankie Corio) on vacation. The two have an undeniable bond onscreen and off, as shown in a recent video that Corio’s mom posted from behind the scenes of the film. In the video, Mescal gifts Corio a video message from Olivia Rodrigo for her birthday, prompting Corio to—understandably—freak out:

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“I have a surprise for you,” Mescal tells Corio, before pressing play. Corio’s jaw then drops to the floor as Mescal explains what’s happening to Corio’s mom: “It’s Olivia Rodrigo. We’re always singing her songs.”

In the message, Rodrigo tells Corio, “Hey Frankie! It’s Olivia. I heard it was your birthday, and so I wanted to come and say hello. I hope you have the best day ever. I hope you eat lots of cake and open lots of presents, and I hope I get to meet you real soon. I hope this was the best year yet.” Corio, in turn, alternates between covering her mouth with her hands and smiling at her mom.

If you’re anything like me, this video prompted your mind to spiral trying to figure out which celebrity web Mescal went through to obtain the video. Did he ask his friend Joe Alwyn to ask his girlfriend Taylor Swift to reach out to Rodrigo? Did he go through his ex, Phoebe Bridgers? Are Mescal and Rodrigo friends on their own? Whichever it is, good 4 u Mescal for knowing what pre-teen girls really want—and being hands down the best onscreen dad of the year.

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