18 Best Hand Creams for Baby Soft Skin

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There are very few things in life we could achieve without using our hands, so it’s about time to finally give them the TLC they deserve. Enter: the best hand creams. According to dermatologist Dr. Marisa Garshick, they’re great for people with naturally dry skin or conditions like eczema or psoriasis. But even if you don’t have any of these concerns, the best hand creams can also help reverse dryness due to frequent hand-washing or simple exposure to harsh winter weather. Not to mention, they’re basically your key to perfecting the glossiest #nailfie if you’re always rocking trendy press-ons or a fresh manicure.

“Many factors can contribute to dry, cracked skin on the hands, including genetics, environmental and occupational exposures, and daily wear and tear,” says Dr. Garshick. “Hand creams help to improve the look and feel of dry hands by boosting moisture and supporting the skin barrier to prevent moisture loss.”

When shopping for the best hand creams, Dr. Garshick suggests choosing options with “humectants like hyaluronic acid and glycerin that hydrate, emollients such as squalene to help soften and smooth, ceramides to strengthen the skin, and occlusives like petrolatum—which provide a barrier to protect the hands from external irritants.” And for those worried about fine lines and dark spots, she mentions there are a variety of formulas to address those, too. “Moisturizing the hands regularly can help improve the overall appearance of [the] skin; however, it’s important to remember that similar anti-aging ingredients can be used on the hands as are used on the face,” she says. “These ingredients may include retinol to boost collagen production, antioxidants to protect against free radical damage, peptides to help strengthen and firm the skin, and sunscreen to protect against UV rays that can cause discoloration.” She adds that certain exfoliating ingredients, like lactic acid, may also help keep hands looking more youthful by eliminating dead skin cells and combatting dullness.

Regardless of your age or skin type, Dr. Garshick mentions you should always apply SPF to your hands—whether in the form of a classic sunscreen or targeted moisturizer—to prevent future damage.

Ahead, find your guide to the 18 best hand creams for soft, supple skin. Included are a range of Dr. Garshick’s expert picks and top-rated options customers are raving about. Plus, we even included one of our personal favorite selects.

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Best Overall Hand Cream

Andalou Naturals

Lavender Hand Cream

Active Ingredients Organic lavender, shea butter, cocoa butter, glycerin
Benefits Nourishes, soothes
Skin Type All
Size 3.4 fl. oz.

Best Anti-Aging Hand Cream


Volumizing Hand Cream

Active Ingredients Hyaluronic acid, NIA-114
Benefits Boosts skin barrier, brightens, moisturizes, may help minimize wrinkles
Skin Type Dry, aging
Size 2 fl. oz.

Best With Sunscreen


Handscreen SPF 40

Active Ingredients Argan oil, sea buckthorn fruit extract, meadowfoam seed oil
Benefits Protects, nourishes, brightens
Skin Type All
Size 1 fl. oz.

Best Overnight Hand Cream


Petroleum Jelly

Now 39% off

Active Ingredients Petrolatum
Benefits Protects, hydrates
Skin Type All
Size 1.69-13 fl. oz.

Best For Damaged Skin

Tammy Fender

Natural Intensive Repair Balm

Active Ingredients Helichrysum, white lily, lotus oil
Benefits Repairs & restores dry, damaged skin
Skin Type All
Size 1.7 fl. oz

Best For Sensitive Skin


Therapeutic Hand Cream

Now 13% off

Active Ingredients Hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, ceramides
Benefits Hydrates, protects
Skin Type All, sensitive
Size 3 fl. oz.

Best Hand Cream for Dry Skin


Advanced Repair Hand Cream

Active Ingredients Urea, lactic acid, glycerin, ceramides
Benefits Hydrates, exfoliates, protects
Skin Type Very dry
Size 2.7-16 fl. oz.

Best For Eczema

Gold Bond

Hand Cream for Eczema Relief

Now 21% off

Active Ingredients Collodial oatmeal, vitamin E, aloe
Benefits Hydrates, relieves itchiness & irritation
Skin Type Dry, itchy, inflamed
Size 3 fl. oz.

Best For Working Hands


Working Hands Hand Cream

Active Ingredients Glycerin, stearic acid
Benefits Repairs, nourishes, protects
Skin Type Very dry, cracked
Size 3.4 fl. oz.

Best Light Scent


Butter Hand Cream

Active Ingredients Shea butter, glycerin, almond oil, coconut oil
Benefits Hydrates
Skin Type All
Size 5.2 fl. oz.

Best With Retinol

Skincare L&L Cosmetics

Retinol Hand Cream

Active Ingredients Retinol, glycerin, vitamin C
Benefits Hydrates, brightens, may help reduce wrinkles
Skin Type Aging
Size 3.52 fl. oz.

Best Multipurpose Hand Cream


Healing Ointment

Now 19% off

Active Ingredients Petrolatum, glycerin, lanolin alcohol, provitamin B5
Benefits Hydrates, repairs, protects
Skin Type All
Size 7 fl. oz.

Best For Flaky Skin


Ultra Smoothing Cream

Active Ingredients Lactic acid, glycerin, petrolatum
Benefits Exfoliates, hydrates, protects
Skin Type Flaky
Size 4.9 fl. oz.

Best For Dark Spots


So Silky Hand Creme

Active Ingredients Glycerin, ceramides, vitamin E, sclareolide
Benefits Hydrates, protects, brightens, may ward off wrinkles
Skin Type Dry, discolored, aging
Size 3 fl. oz.

Best Drugstore Hand Cream

Burt’s Bees

Hand Cream

Now 10% off

Active Ingredients Honey, cupuacu butter, grapeseed oil, macadamia oil
Benefits Nourishes, helps brighten
Skin Type All
Size 2.6 fl. oz.

Best Scent


Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

Benefits Hydrates, may help reduce fine lines and wrinkles
Skin Type All
Size 2.53 fl. oz.
Active Ingredients Glycerin, coconut oil, stearic acid, rosemary oil

Best Vegan Hand Cream


The Hand Cream – With Peptide

Active Ingredients Squalane, shea butter, peptides, niacinamide
Benefits Nourishes, brightens
Skin Type All
Size 2.2 fl. oz.

Best Luxury Hand Cream


La Créme Main Texture Riche

Active Ingredients Glycerin, shea butter, rose wax, iris pallida
Benefits Hydrates, may help fight wrinkles
Skin type All
Size 1.7 fl. oz.

Meet the expert

Dr. Marisa Garshick is a dermatologist practicing at MDCS Dermatology in New York and New Jersey.

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Sam Peters is a seasoned commerce writer and editor with over five years of experience covering beauty, fashion, and lifestyle topics. For this roundup, she consulted dermatologist Dr. Garshick about what to look for in the best hand creams for different skin concerns and her favorite products. Additionally, the author analyzed dozens of top-rated hand creams on the market, pouring over customer reviews and referencing studies to verify brand claims about ingredients. Items across price points were also considered.

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