Trump won’t give up on 2020 election conspiracy theories

Former President Donald Trump is not done spinning conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election. In fact, he recently took those unfounded claims to a new level.

According to HuffPost, the former president participated in a podcast discussion with Dinesh D’Souza, a far-right commentator and known conspiracy theorist who was pardoned by Trump in 2018 after admitting to illegally donating to a Republican political candidate.

During the discussion, Trump attempted to spin a new bizarre claim insisting “people voted 28 times in the 2020 election to cheat him out of a second term in office, HuffPost reports.

At one point, D’Souza asked the former president: “It seems to me that what you’re saying is that you think that there was cheating all different ways.”

Trump responded with a reference to D’Souza’s documentary titled, “2,000 Mules,” before claiming some voters cast multiple votes.

“Yeah, ‘2,000 Mules’ was one way,” Trump replied. “That was a very conclusive way because you were taking government tapes. … And then, of course, they voted six, seven, eight times. As much as they could in the local area. Some of the people went back, I guess they said 28 times in one day, to vote at different places.”

Although Trump has lauded D’Souza’s film, which claims to uncover incidents of voter fraud, it has been described as “endlessly debunkable” by fact checkers.

Trump did not offer a reference for the quoted figure. However, HuffPost notes that “an executive producer of ‘2,000 Mules’ claimed on Fox News earlier this year that the average amount of visits by said mules was 38.”

Trump also insisted the so-called “ballot stuffers” refrained from overdoing the scheme so it wouldn’t be uncovered. “They’re very smart,” he said.

Although Trump was defeated two years ago, he is continuing to spread lies about the 2020 election as he mulls another run in 2024.


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