A Guide to the 12 Best At-Home Hair Cutting Scissors

best hair cutting scissors shears

Dominik Bindl

There comes a time when we simply can’t wait for our upcoming hair appointment, so we choose to handle our hair issues on our own. While we always recommend that you seek professional assistance to achieve your desired look, a minor touch-up in between visits is sometimes necessary. For those who dare, this is where a pair of affordable, at-home hair-cutting scissors comes to play.

When you’re picking out a pair of shears, remember: size does matter. New York-based hairstylist and co-founder of the salon Arisa Sarah Leah Rona tells us, “I normally look for a certain length when looking for new pair of shears. The length of your shears should start at the corner of your wrist and end at the tip of your pointer finger, diagonally placed. Shorter shears are good for fine-tuning, like perfecting a straight line around the perimeter. Or the bangs. Longer shears can cover more ground when cutting texture into the hair. I look for a hybrid pair of shears, good for both dry cutting and wet cutting. This way, there is no need to switch between shears while going from creating shape and then dry texturizing when styled to take out weight.”

Ahead, the best 12 hair shears on the market for every skill level and budget.

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Best Complete Kit


Hair Thinning Shears

Best for Safety


Cararra Marble Shears with Safety Blade Cover

Best Cult-Favorite Brand

Stainless 2000 5.5″ Styling Shears

Best Investment

Aerolite Scissor Company

Hitachi Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

Best Budget


Hair Cutting Shears Professional 6.5″


Equinox International

Equinox Professional Hair Cutting Scissors 6.5″

Best for Beginners

Utopia Care

Professional Hair Cutting Shears 6.5″

Best for Wet and Dry Cuts

Fromm Explore 5.75″ Hair Shears

Best for Salon-Like Finish

Sirabe 10 Piece Hair Cutting Set

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Best for Precision


Professional Hair Cutting Shears 6″

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Best Professional Set

JW Shears

Professional Shears 5.5″ and Blending Kit

Best for Light Maintenence

Cricket Style Xpress 5.75” Shears

What is the difference between regular scissors and hair scissors?

According to Alex Brown, a celebrity hairstylist for clients like Chrissy Teigen, Kendall Jenner, it all comes down to the design. “They’re made to cut hair so both the shape and sharpness are different. They’re thinner and easier to hold when cutting hair so it helps make the cut more precise. They’re usually sharper so you can cut hair in one snip for a more-even cut without it getting stuck between the blades,” she says.

What are some best practices for cutting hair at home?

Brown suggests going to a professional, but if you can’t wait, start by just trimming your hair. “I recommend only trimming bangs or split ends at home, I never recommend doing anything more than that.”

  • Make sure hair is dry
  • For bangs, make sure hair is styled exactly how you’ll wear it before cutting
  • Don’t cut more than an inch if trimming split ends. If you can visibly see the damage or split end, only cut that off.

Brown also advises applying the “point cutting” technique. “Point cutting is when you take the tip of the scissors and cut directly parallel into the hair, rather than leaving a perpendicular, blunt line. This technique works best for bang trims and for trimming split ends.”

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