Alex Jones trial goes off the rails after he claims the “deep state” is behind Sandy Hook lawsuit

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones testified to a court on Thursday that he believes the “deep state” is behind a defamation lawsuit over the Sandy Hook shooting.

After taking the stand for the first time in Connecticut, Jones was asked about claims made on his website that the FBI orchestrated a lawsuit brought by an agent who responded to the Sandy Hook shooting.

Attorney Chris Mattei quoted from Jones’ website: “FBI sues Alex Jones to destroy First Amendment.”

“You know the FBI hasn’t sued you?” Mattei asked.

“I mean, I think that’s a point of view,” Jones replied. “I actually agree with that.”

“Oh, you agree?” Mattei pressed. “The FBI is a plaintiff in this case that sued you here?”

“He’s an FBI agent and he’s up here in his capacity,” Jones argued.

“I asked you if it’s your testimony that the FBI is suing you in this case,” the attorney said. “Is that your testimony?”

“I mean, I think this is a deep state situation,” Jones insisted.

Although FBI agent Bill Aldenberg is also a plaintiff in this case against Jones, the U.S. government is not a party to the suit.

Watch the video clip below.


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