Kourtney Kardashian Barker Wants You to Chill

2022 has been a year of intense clarity for Kourtney Kardashian Barker.

“I used to be so indecisive,” she shares over tea. “I would literally flip a coin to make a decision. I was in a toxic relationship and unhappy with work, so I was questioning everything about myself. Now, I’m in such a happy place in my life. I’m in a healthy relationship and it’s giving me so much confidence to be my truest self. I’m where I am meant to be.”

Where she’s meant to be is with Lemme, Kardashian Barker’s newest wellness venture, which she announced today. When Lemme comes to market on September 27, there will be three gummy supplements available for purchase: Lemme Focus, a strawberry-flavored gummy cognizin citicoline, lion’s mane, MCT oil to help with concentration; Lemme Chill, a berry-flavored gummy with ashwaghanda and goji berry; and Lemme Matcha; which was partially inspired by her relationship with musician Travis Barker.

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“Travis actually gave me my first matcha,” the mother of three says. The gummy version is super-charged with B12 and CoQ10 in the formula. “My days are always a puzzle, and I like that matcha gives you sustained energy. It isn’t something that will make you jittery.”

Kardashian Barker has been concocting the Lemme gummies secretly for almost five years. Some brands have gotten flack for having too much sugar in the recipe (she’s famously gone on record about not letting her children eat candy), and that was why she wanted to bring the brand to market.

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“We used the least amount of sugar possible, plus have a really extensive no list,” she says. “No dyes, corn syrup, gelatin, or sugar alcohol, ever. But I have to have something sweet after I eat, so I wanted this to be it—delicious but with a purpose.”

Part of her experience also included muscle testing herself to know which ingredients were right. For the uninitiated, muscle testing is the practice of asking the body a question with an intention in mind and seeing how it reacts. It can be done with a practitioner, or—if you’re a pro like Kourtney—you can test yourself. “You could do it at the grocery store with an item if you’re trying to decide about it. Though people will probably stare at you.”

Kardashian Barker confesses to eating four Chills before our meeting. “It’s rare that I’m not chill,” she says in the perfectly deadpan voice we all know and love from television. “But we have a lot going on today. This is about feeling calm but not falling asleep.”

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Lemme will be available to buy on September 27th on lemmelive.com.


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