Gigi Hadid Tells All About Her New Clothing Brand, Guest in Residence

Model and It Girl Gigi Hadid has officially launched her own cashmere brand—and just in time for sweater season. As of today, you can shop the Hadid’s 100% cashmere collection from Guest in Residence.

With Hadid at the helm as founder and creative director, the brand offers timeless designs with quality execution, manifesting in “heirloom” pieces, per a press release.

The mostly unisex collection comprises an impressive variety of styles and colors, including: staple tops, joggers, matching sets, robes, hats, scarves, and socks. Prices range from $95 to $495, with an average pricepoint of $300.

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To celebrate the launch, Hadid broke bread with a select few at New York City’s Le Chalet on Tuesday night. The guest list included Hadid’s sister Bella, father Mohamed Hadid, Taylor Swift, Emily Ratajkowski, Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Joseph Altuzara, Law Roach, and Precious Lee.

Ahead of the launch, Hadid told that she tried to apply the same principle to this core collection as she does to her personal wardrobe. That is, finding out what works for her, and then finding different ways to style those pieces.

“I think I have a pretty sustainable way of dressing,” she said. “I do buy things and consume, but I try to mix them in with things that I’ve always loved and cherished. I hope that these pieces can be ones that people try to restyle and find a lot of different ways into their personal style.”

Hadid, who shares a 2-year-old daughter, Khai, with musician Zayn Malik, also spoke to the ways that being a mother influenced her creative process, telling, “Being a mom, you start to think about what the trends and style might be as your child grows up, and what I hope to pass down to her. With that in mind, I think my intention with Guest in Residence is to be able to create pieces that are fun in their colorways but classic enough that they can transcend many generations and can be passed down. From me to my daughter, or me to my mom, or me to a friend of mine—it doesn’t really matter the age or the sex of the person, these are pieces, especially in the core collection, that can really take on anyone’s personal style.”

Whatever does “Guest in Residence” mean, you ask? The brand’s namesake was inspired by wisdom Hadid picked up from traveling the world as a model.

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“No matter where I was a guest in residence—I always managed to find a home in myself—my internal residence of sorts,” Hadid said in a press release. “I strived to remain grounded despite the existential feeling that we are guests on this planet, and in our bodies…That we are guests in our clothes. That those clothes have passed through hands and may have had previous lives—and quite certainly will have future lives…The genesis of Guest in Residence is to honor past heirlooms and give life to new ones spanning generations,” she said.

Hadid expanded, telling, “To me, a guest in residence is someone who can show up with a comfortability in themselves and who they are enough to wonder about the people in front of them and the world around them.” Referring to this confident type of person, she continued, “A lot of those people are my friends, my family, my loved ones, but also people I see in the street and people that you encounter in really quick moments that kind of bring a warmth to your day…Those are the kinds of people that I hope wear my clothes or how my clothes will make people feel.”

But why cashmere? Hadid warmly remembers hand-me-down sweaters knit from the luxurious fabric given to her by her parents when she first moved to New York as a teenager. The model refers to them as “cozy, portable keepsakes” she cherished while traveling.

The core collection is available for U.S. shoppers as of today, and will be sold worldwide as of September 12, 2022. (Oh, and P.S., NYC shoppers can check out the Feel Shop pop-up at 12 Mercer Street on Sept. 11, 2022.)

See the full Guest in Residence line here, and shop our personal favorites below.


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