Britney Spears Celebrates Selena Gomez and Her Support For Mental Health

On Saturday, Britney Spears wrote a dedication to pop star Selena Gomez on Instagram, sharing Gomez’s photo and writing a long caption singing her praises. She then threw in a few comments about her mother, Lynne, and her place in Spears’ life at this point.

Spears shared a photo where Gomez is posing in a khaki jacket with a cropped waist, and a skirt made out of an airbrushed white shirt that read “happy” and ended in a fringe around her knees. Gomez has her hair up in a messy pony tail and something in her mouth.

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Spears wrote in the caption, “She came to my wedding … the three most beautiful women in hollywood … @drewbarrymore, @parishilton … I had no idea !!! I was SO HAPPY !!! She told me ‘I just want you to be happy.’’

Spears went on to say that her mother said the same thing, but then she seemed to continue to talk about Gomez.

“It was so cool she was able to get to me and share her thoughts,” Spears continued. “Although I’ve been forced to see people against my will my whole life … she was a beautiful surprise !!! I appreciate ALL the mental health speeches she does for our generation … Two hour specials with representatives … You’re such a special person and I had to share this picture … I thought it would make her happy !!!”

She added a post script about her mother being asked by the paparazzi about the wedding and responding that “all she wanted for me was to be happy !!!”

“Mom and Selena, I’m so happy to have such a supportive family !!! God bless you,” Spears concluded.

Spears has had harsher things to say about her mother in the past, even alleging that she was the person who initially suggested starting the conservatorship that only recently ended for Spears. They have apparently reached a better point in their relationship since Spears married her longtime boyfriend, Sam Asghari.

Gomez did attend the wedding between Asghari and Spears, and even shared a photo of herself with the bride, Paris Hilton, Madonna, Drew Barrymore, and Donatella Versace, writing, “Congrats Britney!! So honored to have been part of your wedding day. Love you!!”

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