2024 election projection: DeSantis beats Trump

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) could beat former President Donald Trump and become the Republican Party’s presidential nominee in 2024, according to the results of a new poll.

Per Newsweek, the latest survey, which was conducted by Blueprint Polling, suggests 50.9 percent of the Republican voters who participated in the poll would support the Republican governor while only 38.6 percent would back Trump. Blueprint Polling compiled its survey based on responses from 656 voters who offered their opinions between July 7-10. The poll’s margin of error is projected to be approximately +/- 3.82 percent.

The news outlet also offered a breakdown of voters who are standing firm on their decision. Among those voters, “DeSantis’ lead extends to nearly 14 points (47.6 percent to 33.2 percent) in a scenario in which the pair ended up as the final two choices in the GOP primary.”

The poll summary also noted, “Older Republicans are more likely to support Trump, but DeSantis still leads the former president in all age groupings.”

“Trump is tied with DeSantis among voters with some college but among high school graduates as well as college graduates and those with advanced degrees, DeSantis polls much better.”

The news outlet notes: “Sixty-six percent of respondents agreed that Florida Republicans believe that widespread election fraud cost Trump the 2020 election, while 11 percent said Florida Republicans do not believe but ‘will go along with the rhetoric’ because it energizes Republicans in upcoming elections.”

The widespread claims of voter fraud were perpetrated by the former president after his election loss to President Joe Biden in 2020. Echoing Trump’s claims, many of his allies and Republican lawmakers also started to push the unfounded claims, although no substantial evidence was ever provided.


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