MAGA fraud: Trump supporter vandalized his own home — and blamed Biden

On Tuesday, Trump supporter from Brooklyn Center, MN, Denis Molla was charged with two counts of wire fraud for falsely claiming that his garage, camper, and two cars were burned down in a politically motivated attack. The fire took place back in September 2020 and gained national attention by right-wing media as a demonstration of left-wing violence.

While Molla reported that he had seen three figures that night in his front yard with matches, investigators determined that Molla had lit the fire and vandalized his own home to claim insurance money.

In the wake of the fire, Molla allegedly made more than $300,000 in insurance claims, receiving about $61,000. Additionally, he raised $17,000 in two GoFundMe campaigns. 

Molla originally claimed that he had been targeted because he had a Trump 2020 flag hanging outside his home. In addition to the fire, the seemingly unknown arsonist spray painted “Biden 2020,” “BLM,” and the anarchist symbol on Molla’s garage door.

At the time, the right used the misdemeanor to stir up fear and anger in the months leading to the 2020 presidential election. Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham hosted right-wing commentator Ben Shapiro to discuss the attack.

“This is a message being sent by the far left, and I think people are beginning to see that arsonist behavior, looting, even murder — none of it is off the table,” Ingraham said.

Molla has since been released on bail but will have to appear in court in the coming weeks for his trial.


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