Euphoria Makeup Artist Doni Davy’s Half Magic Makeup Line Is Here

It’s difficult to imagine what life was like before Doniella Davy’s “Euphoria makeup” became part of the beauty lexicon. Simple eyeliner strokes took a backseat to intricate line art that extends beyond the crease; rhinestones pepper just about every makeup look as much as faux freckles once did, and iridescent eyeshadows are no longer relegated to the corners of your eyes—they take over the entire lid. Davy has been responsible for ushering in a new era of what a face beat could be.

doni davy portrait


Fans of the series have most certainly spent hours attempting to mimic the iconic beauty Davy has created throughout the show’s two seasons. Look no further, as Davy has established her own cosmetics line, allowing you to recreate Maddy, Kat, Julez, Cassie, and Rue’s most famous looks.

Half Magic is Davy’s gift to Euphoria obsessives. Launching today, May 17, Half Magic arrives with ten different products to enhance your makeup looks. Chromeaddiction is the most exciting and doubles as an eyepaint and liquid liner in matte and shimmer finishes. Glitterpill adds to the shimmer category with four sparkly gel-based shades.


Moving down the face, add a blinding highlight with Light Trap or coat your lips in the LipKit, which has shades of brown and purple. Other collection standouts include the face gems—easily the star of all Euphoria looks—and Wing Magician, a handheld template that allows you to create a precise winged liner look. What’s more, every product in Half Magic’s inaugural collection costs under $30.

The entire range is available to shop right now—stock up on your face gems and shimmer eyepaints now.

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