Rami Malek and Lucy Boynton Are Wimbledon’s Cutest, Best Dressed Couple

Rami Malek and Lucy Boynton had a date at today’s Wimbledon tennis matches, and they brought their A-game style-wise. Boynton leaned into feminine, retro vibes in a white scalloped, sleeveless mini dress with a black bow. She wore her platinum hair up in a bun. Malek was ever the gentleman in a complementary black suit, blue tie, and blue and white striped button-up. The two were all smiles and a little affectionate entering in. While watching the match, Boynton and Malek appeared quite jolly and smitten.

rami malek and lucy boynton at wimbledon 2022 day 12

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rami malek and lucy boynton at wimbledon 2022 day 12

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lucy boynton and rami malek at wimbledon 2022 on day 12

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rami malek and lucy boynton at wimbledon 2022 day 12

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Malek and Boynton have been dating for over four years now. The two have been relatively under the radar since Malek publicly declared his love for Boynton during his 2019 Oscars speech for Best Actor. Malek was awarded for his work alongside Boynton in Bohemian Rhapsody.

Boynton reflected in March 2022 on that moment and how strange the public attention it got was to her. (Malek kissed Boynton when he was announced the winner and told her from on stage in his speech, “Lucy Boynton: you are the heart of this film, you are beyond immensely talented, you have captured my heart. Thank you so much.”)

“It sounds so silly, but I was really unaware of the public element of that,” she said. “You’re just absorbing, millisecond by millisecond, what is happening, and then suddenly you hear the applause, and you realize it’s been a public moment, which is slightly strange.”

She touched on social media as well, adding that she’s thankful she didn’t have Instagram growing up. Boynton has an account now but doesn’t post often.

“I can’t imagine what these young people have to deal with,” she said of the youth on social media now. “You’re so vulnerable and sensitive and everything is the end of the world.”

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