How To Plan a Wedding This Summer, According to Your Horoscope

Disclaimer: Wedding season hits kinda different in 2022. Now that women’s reproductive freedom has officially been criminalized in major zones of the United States, the idea of governmental involvement in any relationship choice is hardly appealing.

Yet marriage license or not, the urge to love freely is something a SCOTUS ruling could never strike down.

A survey from The Knot shows that Gen Z believes the average age they will get married is 27. Meanwhile, millennials have raised that number to 32 in the U.S. And 80 percent of people ages 18 to 29 have at least put some thought into what their wedding day will be like.

Even “in these times,” consensual love deserves to be celebrated. Whether it lasts for the hottest two hours of your life or across all eternities is a personal choice.

If you’ve snatched up a keeper, astrology certainly comes in handy for planning your big day. (In fact, you’ll get to watch us put astrology and matchmaking to the test this August when our show, Cosmic Love, debuts on Prime Video!) Is a wedding in your future? Or maybe you’re just planning ahead? Here are some zodiac-curated tips to set off bells for picking everything from the venue to your vows. Practice makes perfect.


You don’t hold back when it’s time to make your declarations of love, and guess what? Your wedding should reflect your full-on, self-expressed approach to life. Although you may never give up on those childhood visions of a fairytale wedding, some impulsive Aries may want to elope at a festival or remote island within days of getting engaged instead. With your idealistic convictions, you may eschew the whole traditional route and do something simple, intimate, and meaningful. The point is, whether you fill a church or trade vows on a private beach, it’s got to be done your way!


Traditional Taurus won’t settle for anything less than a timeless affair, so draw inspiration from the Art Deco era or a sophisticated standby. When it comes to your wedding day look, dazzle in understated elegance. Accent your natural beauty with romantic classics. A stately hotel, Ivy Leaguers’ club, or an old mansion lends your wedding the appropriately aristocratic vibe. Since you’re an earth sign, you might also try a pastoral setting, like, say, an 18th-century farmhouse, a bed-and-breakfast, or, heck, why not make it a castle? Your artful eye will attend to every detail: napkin rings, flatware, stemware, place settings, as well as gifts for guests.


Originality and diversity are the keys to your special day, Gemini. From the color scheme to the song list, you’ll oversee every detail. While you can incorporate some traditional elements, your fashion-forward sign needs to stand out when you’re strutting down the aisle. Skip the traditional shops and scout out an indie designer. As an air sign, you love to feel the wind on your face, so stage your wedding on a cliff or in front of dramatic windows (why not?). Geminis are huge music heads, and you’ll want a hand in the playlist and DJ selection. Create a lively party atmosphere where everyone dances until dawn. You could jump into the pool in full regalia, getting the whole wild night started!

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Romance, nostalgia, and tons of meaningful gestures are the hallmarks of a Cancer wedding. Since you’re a water sign, consider a wedding on the beach, in a seaside town, or even on a yacht or a houseboat. Cancer rules home and family, so your parents’ house, a nostalgic childhood vacation spot, or even an historic mansion stir up those homey, heart-warming vibes. Include favorite family members as much as possible. Keep your décor romantic and nostalgic, using framed family photos as table centerpieces. Cancers treasure their closest childhood friends, so, chances are you’ll want yours by your side on your special day.


This is no ordinary party, Leo. With your extravagant tastes, guests will be talking about “the royal wedding” for years. Shine in gold or anything that sparkles. Leo is fire sign, so wherever possible, incorporate flames—a candle-lighting ceremony, sparklers in the cake, a wood-burning fireplace, even a fire-spinner to send you off after you’ve traded vows. No need to break the bank to pull off your big vision. With your creative, crafty nature, you’ll know just how to combine luxurious touches like rich velvet draping, faux fur, lanterns, and ornate candelabras from a prop rental company or vintage eBay scouring.


With your classic tastes, you’ll want your wedding to be an elegant affair—but you won’t skimp on the unique details. Virgos are health nuts and foodies, so the menu is crucial. Design a delicious spread of plant-based dishes or farm-to-table fare. While it’s hard to release control, appoint a great wedding planner, a wedding-day coordinator (a more budget-friendly option), or at least a devoted maid of honor to make sure you eat, mingle, and stay on cue. After all, your guests will be the most important and moving part of the day for you. Set up the microphone for toasting and acknowledgements at the center of your reception space. And make sure you have ample time to breeze from table to table, welcoming and thanking everyone.


Libra is the zodiac sign associated with marriage, which means that you can’t help but be a bit of a hopeless romantic with that astrological fate! With your strong visual sensibilities, you’ll want to advise heavily on the aesthetic. Keep the colors soft, the music tasteful, and the atmosphere dripping with love. Many Libras are artistic, so a gallery that you infuse with a few romantic touches could be the perfect hip, modern space. Honor your symbolic scales by balancing pared-down sleekness with ornamental flourishes. You could even set up your ceremony seating like a fashion show, and strut down a catwalk to join your betrothed.


Scorpio is a private, passionate, and intimate sign—and with your natural magnetism, you’ll steal the show at what’s sure to be an emotional wedding. Whether you have two guests or 200, find a way to make each of them feel like they’re part of a small, exclusive affair. As a water sign, you’ll also love a destination wedding in a far-flung enclave, where you marry barefoot on the beach at sunset. With your natural attention to detail, you can get creative with fabric and textures to make your space smolder with intensity. Just don’t let your competitive side rob your wedding of creativity. The day is about expressing your unique personality, not following a set of rules.


Settling down isn’t exactly your sign’s life goal, so when—or if—you actually get married, you’ll do it in a non-traditional way. You don’t like sitting through long events! A swift and intimate ceremony would work best, then on to the party. Find a fun, indoor-outdoor setting where you can let your hair down and enjoy some fresh air. Some might even opt to marry at a festival or in a gorgeous garden. Since you’re the zodiac’s traveler, borrow some touches from around the world that honor your ancestral heritage. Who knows? You might walk down the aisle dressed in a stunning piece that’s been shipped in from another continent. How chic!


Capricorn weddings can either go earthy or aristocratic. If you’re the more rugged type, then plan a no-frills outdoor ceremony where the beauty lies in its simplicity. Rent a rustic ski lodge or small beach resort and wed against a gorgeous natural backdrop of wildflowers. If you’re the traditional breed of Capricorn, hold your ceremony at your childhood temple or church. Then, serve a formal, plated dinner at a country club, an old estate, or a hotel. You’re a loyal sign, and you cherish the bonds that have lasted over time. Only your oldest, truest friends and family should stand in your wedding party. Capricorns are perfectionists who are forever chasing goals, but make sure not to turn your wedding into an overambitious project that zaps the fun out of the planning process.


Forget tradition. Your eclectic sign makes the rules with zero exceptions, even (and especially!) for your big day. A unique location could turn your wedding into the most Instagrammed event of the season. Try a modern art gallery, a loft space, even a planetarium or aquarium! An enclosed-glass atrium or an outdoor tent with hanging lanterns can give you the airy vibe you love. Aquarius gets uncomfortable with tons of sentiment and emotional outpourings. Chances are, you’ll be relieved to wrap up the ceremony and dive into the after-party fun. A casual and informal reception is just your speed—and as the zodiac’s humanitarian sign, you’ll include the option of a charitable donation on your registry.


A fairytale come true is every Pisces’ (not-so-) secret fantasy, so you’ll live out a storybook dream on your big day. You’ll also relish the opportunity to bring every Swarovski-studded detail to life. Since you’re a water sign, you may head to the shores to exchange vows in the sand or while aboard a yacht. If you’re the creative, rule-bending type of Pisces, let your imagination run free. Host your reception at a quirky location like a carnival or state fairground. Opt for a theme or costume party. Since you adore live music, the DJ has got to be a pro; you might even book your favorite band for entertainment. Dancing is a must!

To read more about wedding planning by zodiac sign, head to or download the AstroTwins’ free guide, The Astrology of Love, Sex & Attraction.

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