After 21 years of childlessnness, woman delivers triplets, dedicates them to God in Lagos – The Sun Nigeria – Daily Sun

By Vera Wisdom-Bassey

Amid jubilation, Pastor Rotimi Ebun and his wife, Mrs. Micah Ebun, recently dedicated their triplets to God at Winners’ Chapel, Ikorodu, Lagos State.

Ebun is a native of Uromi in Edo State, who, on May 13, 2000, got married to his heartthrob, who hails from Ogun State. 

Testifying of the wonders of God in their lives after waiting for the fruit of the womb for 21 years, the woman could not conceal her joy.

The Ebuns had the babies, two boys and a girl, through in-vitro fertilization (IVF). They were named Father, Onome and Faith.

Family members and friends joined the excited family at the church to share in their moment of joy. The shout of “Mama Triplets” reverberated around the church.

According to Mrs. Ebun, before the marriage, they had discussed the number of the children they would bear, but never envisaged that they were going to wait for 21 years.

She said: “I feel very excited and grateful to God for making this to happen. When some people have triplets, they die or are ill-formed, but mine are all alive and healthy.”

She stated that it was the grace of God that kept her going in her years of childlessness.

“So, I am thanking God for keeping me through the shame. If your strength fails you in the day of adversity, the only way is to trust in God.

“All that women need are patience and prayers. People will call you names but don’t listen to them. If God cannot give you a child, who then can give it to you? When the time of God comes, He will do it.

“Not everybody that goes through the IVF succeeds. I have a friend who did it for several years and it did not to work.

“People will say all sorts of things against you. There are some husbands’ relatives who will contribute to your ordeal.”


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