Former Bush strategist calls GOP a “toxic waste dump”

On Wednesday’s edition of MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House,” former George W. Bush campaign strategist Matt Dowd tore into the current state of the Republican Party.

The problem, he argued, is that notwithstanding the recent losses of Trump-endorsed candidates in Georgia, the former president still has a strong command of the party — and even getting rid of him at this point is not going to course-correct the GOP.

“I think we have to stop looking at the environment through the prism of whether or not Donald Trump wins or loses and how that defines the Republican Party,” said Dowd. “Georgia is an outlier in this. 94 percent of people that Donald Trump endorsed have won. That’s a pretty good record for Donald Trump. I think the worst thing is — which I actually think is far more dangerous — nearly every Republican candidate who has won a primary, a Republican whether endorsed by Donald Trump or not, either pushes the Big Lie, is an election denier, or doesn’t have a problem with the move towards autocracy.”

The current state of the Republican Party, continued Dowd, is “a little bit like Chernobyl.”

“What led to Chernobyl was bad design, misinformation and bad decision-making by people there,” continued Dowd. “Just because you remove a person that hit a wrong switch and contributed to the meltdown doesn’t mean you don’t have nuclear disaster that spreads. Even if you take that person out, Donald Trump, the Republican Party has become a toxic waste dump of this Big Lie autocracy and denialism. That’s, I think, the fundamental problem. There is not Republicans winning who don’t buy into a problem that the January 6th Committee is investigating.”

This comes as that committee is revealing new details of Trump allies’ complicity in the illegal plot to overturn the election, including Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI).

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