Nigeria: Country Of Evil Leaders By Bayo Oluwasanmi

Nigerian political leaders are evil. They possess a “dark core of personalities.” They put their own interests ahead of the Nigerian people. They take pleasure in causing pain to Nigerians. 

Nigeria is the only country in the world where workers are not being paid while the political elites take home millions. Look at the National Assembly. Do you see any sign of representation? Have you ever heard them proposing a job creation bill? Their legislative priorities are fiscal bill for personal remuneration, electoral bill that will rig the next election for them, concubine bill that will add girlfriends to their multiple spouses, mosquito bill that will enable them to loot the treasury, and other pedestrian legislative acts. ASUU has been on an indefinite strike. All they do is sing the praises of “Mr. President”, the symbol of evil leadership.

These people are not representatives. They are reprehensible. Talk of leaders without empathy. Leaders without conscience. Leaders without eyes. Leaders without brains. They don’t give a damn about the sufferings of the poor: the hungry, the unemployed, the sick, the naked, the homeless, the helpless, the children, the widow, the disabled, the excluded, the forgotten, the miserable, the old and the infirm. The list goes on.

As disciples of Machiavelli, the ends justify the means, the political elites are morally depraved. Their moral failure inflicts severe injuries, discomfort, tension, stress, frustration, sickness, and hopelessness on poor Nigerians. They preside over a country where the sick cannot get treatment, where the hungry cannot be fed, where the unemployed cannot get a job, where students are on permanent holiday, where children are malnourished and serve as cheap labour, where hospitals have no medicines and qualified staff, where life is short, nasty, and brutish. And where nothing works!

Consider the killings, kidnappings, abductions, violence, and other indescribable horrors going on in the country. Yet, the leaders deny the reality. Regardless of how obvious the truth is, they will always deny it. As fabricators and manipulators, they twist facts and words. They justify the killings in the country by saying “People are being killed in advanced nations.” “We know we have security challenges.” “The evils in our regime are better than the evils in the previous administration.” “Thank your God that you’re not being bombed every day.” “Nigerians are ingrates.” “They hate Buhari.” These people are heartless and shameless. They have no remorse. What ruthless, incompetent evil leaders!

They engage in brutality, theft of land, natural resource exploitation, looting, and extortion. They exploit the miseries of the poor to enrich themselves. Some of the evils cannot be imagined, described, or explained: Evil. Pure evil. Sadistic evil. Evil for its own sake! Anyone in a position of political power is expected to have a greatly elevated moral obligation to perform. With great power comes great responsibility. Nigerian political leaders are guilty of pervasive gross moral negligence.

They are EVIL!


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