Why I Won’t Resign As Minister Before APC Primaries – Presidential Aspirant, Godswill Akpabio

A former governor of Akwa Ibom State and serving minister, Godswill Akpabio, has said he will not resign as the Minister of the Niger Delta despite vying for the 2023 presidential ticket, because the “law does not exist.”
Akpabio also blamed the past administrations in the country for the poor state of the economy.

Akpabio, in an interview on Channels Television on Thursday, said Nigeria was very poor and shouldn’t have been one but the past administrations and the COVID-19 pandemic made it worst.
The presidential aspirant also opined that Nigerians should be grateful to the Buhari led administration as people are not begging on the streets as it is the situation with other countries.
“I will only resign before the primaries if the guidelines of the party say I have to resign before the primaries but for now the law does not exist, it has been shut down by a court of competent jurisdiction,” he said.
“Nigeria is not supposed to be a poor country but at the moment is a poor country as a result of a lot of factors; the economy is what it is today because of past administration and COVID-19 and Nigerians should be thankful to this administration because Nigerians are not begging in the streets as it is in other countries.” the APC chieftain said. 
On the price of the forms, he said, “The N100million in my view is very fair. You see, even in modern democracies like America, it is not the candidate that sends himself into presidential elections; it is the people.
“So, when you talk about Nigeria, just 100 Nigerians bringing out N1million will give you N100million.”
“I want to think that any serious presidential candidate does not need to go into his bank account and bring out N100m because you are not the person going to vote for yourself,”
“That is provided for even in the Electoral Act that the people should also contribute in order to ensure a very fantastic campaign. So, if the people have your buy-in in your coming into power, then you should also remember that you have an obligation to deliver and to satisfy them.”
“My form was picked up yesterday in Kaduna by a coalition of northern youths who believed in my capacity. The money was contributed through fundraising by the youths over a month ago in Kaduna and over a 100million was raised.”


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