Former Ekiti Governor, Fayose Withdraws From PDP Zoning Committee Over Presidential Ambition

A former governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose has withdrawn his membership in the zoning committee of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
Fayose also reiterated that he will be running for President in 2023 on the platform of the party. The former governor last Thursday joined the presidential race in a statement titled, ‘Fayose debunks endorsement’.

Fayose, a two-term governor of Ekiti, disclosed his withdrawal from the zoning committee on Tuesday in a letter addressed to the Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom, Chairman of the PDP zoning committee.
The letter read in part, “Your excellencies and distinguished members of the Zoning Committee of our great party, the PDP.
“I write formally to appreciate the party and all members of this committee.
“I thank you all for your statesmanship, selflessness and sense of patriotism to our party and by extension our nation in the way you have all handled and comported yourselves so far in deliberations regarding this delicate and sensitive issue/assignment, the zoning of public offices, particularly that of the President.
“I pray the outcome will bring understanding, peace and stability to our party and our country at large.
“Having hinted during our last meeting of my intention to run for the office of the President in the coming primary election and by God’s grace; the general election, it will not be morally right to continue to participate in the zoning debate being an aspirant myself.
“Therefore, my state has nominated the bearer of this letter, Dr. Gbenga Faseluka to replace me.”


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