The best houseplants are hiding at Trader Joe’s

While we’re (of course) big fans of all the frozen and dry treats Trader Joe’s has to offer, one of the best parts about the cult-favorite grocery store is their plant and flower section. Their seasonal flowers are notably at least half the price of stems you’d find anywhere else, and with just a little finesse, you can create a totally custom arrangement for any occasion. Beyond the florals though? The. Plants.

You simply can’t go wrong with Trader Joe’s varied and affordable plant selection. From houseplants and herbs to seasonal flowers and container gardens, they really do have something for everyone. While their selection may vary depending on the location and season (think: succulents in the summer, mini pine trees in the winter), their prices alone make it worth a trip to your local store to check it out. If you’re looking for something particular, it’s worth following one or two Instagram accounts that report on all the new plant stock (yes, they exist), like this one or this one.

Here are some of the best plants that we’ve found at Trader Joe’s.

1. Tropical houseplants

Lush monstera deliciosas, trendy fiddle leaf figs, hardy rubber trees, trailing pothos — need we say more? This selection alone makes up a good chunk of the most popular house plants, and oh yeah, and their prices are second to none. Not only do they have a great selection of common houseplants, but some locations get some pretty rare plants as well, such as Alocasia frydek, Philodendron selloum, and Monstera adansonii.

2. Succulents and cacti

Perfect for gifting or for that sunny window in your home that needs a little something Trader Joe’s has a great selection of succulents, cacti, and premade succulent gardens — often priced as low as $2.99. If you’re running to the store to grab some last-minute dips and spreads before attending a party, adding a wee succulent to the roster of “thanks-for-hosting” supplies never hurts. One bit of caution: Succulents and cacti need lots of sunlight in order to survive indoors, so if your home is lacking in the natural light department, spare yourself the heartbreak and skip these little desert plants.

3. Herbs

There’s nothing quite like cooking with fresh herbs picked from your own herb garden (farmer, much?) and Trader Joe’s has you covered with a great selection of potted herb plants, like basil, parsley, and rosemary. Just be sure to provide your herb plants with plenty of sunlight (a bright windowsill is great!) and water to keep them thriving indoors.

4. Potted flowers

Fresh cut flowers are great, but potted flowers are the best option when it comes to longevity. Trader Joe’s stocks a great selection of potted flowers that change depending on the season — from tulips and daffodils in the spring, to mums in the fall. This selection of potted flowers can be fleetingly enjoyed indoors or planted in your garden to enjoy them for months to come.

5. Holiday plants and containers

Possibly the best thing about Trader Joe’s is all their seasonal items — spiced apple ciders, pumpkin breads, peppermint hot chocolate — and their holiday plant selection doesn’t disappoint, either, with a festive selection of holiday plants and containers. We particularly love their Christmas selection where they usually have poinsettia, amaryllis, centerpieces, wreaths, DIY decorate-your-own mini tree kits, garland, and more! They also carry products for other holidays such as Thanksgiving, Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day, and Easter.

6. DIY grow kits

Buying fully grown plants is fun, but there’s a certain satisfaction that comes with growing your own plants from seed. Over the past year, many Trader Joe’s locations have started carrying DIY grow kits for plants like poppies and dahlias so you can grow your own flowers on your porch or balcony in just a few easy steps. Plus, they’re priced as low as $6.99 each.


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