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John Imonbhio Abhuere was born on 21st April 1951 at Unuwazi Uromi, Edo State, Nigeria. He attended St. John’s Anglican Primary School, Unuwazi from where he proceeded to Edo Boy’s High School (now Adolor College), Ugbowo, Benin City. He later attended the University of Lagos for a Bachelor Degree Course, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, University of Ibadan (U.I.), University College, Swansea, South Wales, the University of Wales and the University of Benin for both undergraduate and post graduate studies.


i. B.A. History, UNILAG (1977/8)
ii. Post Graduate Certificate in Modern Management ABU Zaria (1981)
iiii. Post Graduate Diploma in Social Policy and Administration (Swansea) UK(1981)
v. M.Sc. in Economics, Specializing in Sectorial Planning and Management(1981)
iii. Post Graduate Certificate in Speech Writing, University of Ibadan 1991/2
vi. Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D.) in Administration, UNIBEN 1997/ 8
vii. .Professor, Management and Development (ICOF Global University, USA (2019)

Prof Abhuere has been in Public Administration for over 30 years working with National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) dedicated to youth Mobilization, Development, Empowerment and participation in the development process of the country. He was the Director, Corps Welfare and Inspection of the NYSC, Director, Planning, Research and Statistics, State Director of Edo and Kebbi State Secretariats respectively. He worked in various parts of the country and held important and sensitive posts in the NYSC. He has been Chairman, Secretary and Member of many Committees in the Scheme, notably Tenders Board, Honors Awards Committee, NYSC Decree Review Committee, etc. Taught Industrial relations on part time basis briefly at the department of Public Administration , Nassarawa State University, Lafia. A widely traveled man, he has visited all States of the Federation and some European countries, US Canada, Dubai By the nature of his work, he has affected the positive development of millions of Nigerian youths, including those in Esanland – his place of birth.


Dr. Abhuere belongs to many professional bodies, viz:

i. Fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Management (FNIM).
Fellow Institute of Management Consultants(FNMC)
ii. Fellow of Institute of Chartered Corporate Administration of Nigeria.
iii. Member, Nigerian Association for Public Administration and Management.
iiii. Member, Institute of Industrialists and Corporate Administrators.
v. Member, Anti-Apartheid Society, University College, Swansea, UK.
vi. Member Kidney Association UK.
vii. Member, Labour Club, University College, Swansea.
viii. Professor of Management and Development ICOF Global University USA.
ix. A CMD Certified Trainer in Nigeria.
x. Member Ibb International Golf and Country Club Abuja, Police Officers Mess Tennis Club Benin City

Had written and presented many scholarly papers including:

I. Towards a more meaningful and rewarding orientation course – A paper delivered at the NYSC 1990/91 pre-orientation workshop held at Argungu Fishing Village, Argungu.
II. The dilemma of Trade Union in the civil service of a non-industrialized country –Options for a more effective public administration in Nigeria – a seminar paper presented in partial fulfillment of the award of Ph.D. in Political Science and Public Administration,University of Benin – May 17, 1993.
III. The Civil Service Reforms in Nigeria, 1988-1993: An examination of weaknesses and lapses.
IIII. A seminar paper presented in partial fulfillment for the award of a Doctorate Degree, University of Benin- December 22, 1993.
V. The NYSC Official Qualities and Expectation, some thoughts – A paper delivered at the workshop for newly recruited officers of NYSC, held at Oshogbo, Osun State, October 13 – 16, 1994.
VI. The Role of Youth in the Development of Kebbi State since 1991 to present day. Submitted to the International Seminar organized by the Kebbi State History Bureau, 1998.
VII. Reflections on the 1995 draft constitutions – A Memorandum submitted to the Constitutional
VIII. Debate Committee, November 1998.
IX. A fresh look at the monthly Environmental Sanitation Exercise in Nigeria – A commentary on policy implementation in Nigeria, June1999.
X. Cultism, youths and developments in Nigeria: Matters Arising – A paper sent to the senate committee on Eradication of cultism in Institutions of Higher Learning, July 1999.
XI. The effectiveness of NYSC Leadership Training Programme: AnInsiders39; view presented at the NYSC AMC, Abuja, Nigeria, April, 17 – 19, 2000.
XII. Youths, conflicts and conflict resolution in Nigeria – A participatory management approach – A paper delivered at the seminar on management conflict in Nigeria held at Lagos State University LASU Ojo 2001.
XIII. Crisis management in the NYSC: some concepts, theories, factors, mechanisms, examples, observation and recommendations – A paper at the NYSC AMC held in Lagos July 30 to August 2, 2001.
XIIII. Funding of Traditional Community Development Services Projects presented at the CDS schedule officers workshop, Sokoto 1stto 4thAugust, 2004.
XV. Work ethics, values and accountability: A focus on the NYSC – A paper presented at the 2004 Inspectors Development Programme (IDP) held in Awka on 21st– 24th June, 2004.
XVI. Camps Management Strategies: The role of State Coordinators. A paper presented at the workshop/Training for state Coordinators in Abakaliki on 23rdNovember 2004.

• Class monitor, Primary III-VI, St. John& No.39, Anglican School, Unuwazi.

• Class prefect, Edo Boys High School, Benin – 1969.

• Member, UAC/FMI Joint Consultative Committee, Apapa, 1971-1972

• Secretary-General, Historical Society of Nigeria (students), University of Lagos, 1975 – 1976.

• Appointed council member, Unilag, Student Union Government, 1977.

• Secretary, Corpers Association, Kaltungo in the Bauchi State, 1977/78.

• Branch Secretary, Nigeria Institute of Management, Kaduna, 1981-1983.

• Secretary-General, Nigeria Society, Swansea, U.K. 1982.

• President, Nigeria Society, Swansea, U.K. 1983 – 1994.

• Member, Labour Party Student Wing, U.K. 1983.

• Member, Movement for the Eradication of Apartheid in South Africa, U.K. 1982 – 1983.

• Member, Benin Club.

• Member, Birnin Kebbi Club and Chairman Tennis section of the Club, 1998 – 1999.

• Adviser, Esan Progressive Union, Birnin Kebbi, 1997 – 1998.

• Chairman, Committee for the selection of Tradition Ruler for Edo people in Kebbi State, 1998.

• Secretary, NYSC Department Tenders Board, 1992.

• Secretary, committee for the selection of best Department.

• Chairman, NYSC Honours Award Committee, 2005

• Chairman, NYSC Stakeholders Meeting Committee, 2006

• Chairman ADOC Committee on NYSC Re-Run Election, 2006-2008

• Chairman Tennis section IBB Golf and Country club 2012-2014


i. Workshop for Commonwealth Students held at Pluckton, Scotland, 1983.
ii. Conference for African Students in U.K. London, 1982.
iii. Workshop on NYSC in the 1990s, Sheraton Hotels, Abuja (I acted here as both participant and secretary of conference secretariat).
iiii. Global conference on youths, Abuja, 1994 (here, I was the secretary to the communiqué group).
v. NYSC Annual Management Conferences from 1990 to date. In most of these conferences, I was appointed secretary and later chairman, communiqué drafting committee. I was in charge of organizing the conference as Director, Planning, Research and Statistics.
vi. Workshop on conflict management, Lagos State University, LASU,2001,
vii. Hosted and participated in a workshop on youth and the challenge of insecurity in Nigeria 2011,Abuja
viii. Hosted and participated in a workshop on youth counseling and career choice 2012, Abuja
ix. Hosted and participated in a workshop on effective parenting 2013


Dr. Abhuere has published articles in Local and Foreign Journals. Some ofthem are indicated below:

1. Things Fall Apart: Student Power holds no more (1975/76 Session was a year of great tribulation; may it not come again). Sunday Times: June 27, 1977, page 3.

2. How committed are Nigerians to Nigeria? Sunday Observer: September 4, 1977, page 3.

3. Diary of a corpsman – from Lagos to Bauchi by road. Sunday Times: September 11, 1977, page 22.

4. Who is the Nigerian Youth Corper? Sunday Standard: January 1, 1978, page 12.

5. How Modushola became super TV 39; 79 Queen. Sunday Spectator: September 28, 1979.

6. Wither the disabled in our second republic. Sunday Spectator: October 21, 1979, page 9.

7. Birth of a new column. Sunday Spectator: October 28, 1979, page 6.

8. Grumbling at high level. Sunday Spectator: October 28, 1979, page 9.

9. A visitor’s impression. Sunday Spectator: November 4, 1979.

10. Fela is coming. Sunday Spectator: November 11, 1979, page 6.

11. Mixed feelings on October 1st. Sunday Spectator: November 11, 1979, page 2.

12. Oba in politics revisited. Sunday Spectator: November 18, 1979 page 7.

13. And Ben Ikechukwu was crowned Obi of Agbor. Sunday Spectator: November 18, 1979, page 7.

14. Kaduna club to launch development fund. Sunday Spectator: November 18, 1979, page 7.

15. NEPA at it again. Sunday Spectator: November 18, 1979, page 6.

16. Caution please. New Nigerian: November 25, 1979.

17. Peoples club donates to international year of the child (ITC). Sunday Spectator: November 18, 1979, page 8.

18. Haba, Assemblymen. Sunday Spectator: November 25, 1979, page 5.

19. A chart with Roy Ayers – The man with a philosophical message of awareness Sunday Spectator: November 26, 1979, page 6.

20. Bongos Ikwue fine voice, fine face. Sunday Spectator: March 9, 1980, page 3.

21. Of Jesus life and Christmas. Sunday Spectator: January 13, 1980, page 6.

22. Theodora Ifudu, A star of many parts. Sunday Spectator: February 24, 1980, page 6.

23. Some thoughts on the NYSC scheme. Sunday Spectator: March 9, 1980, page 3.

24. The task of nation building. What is your contribution as a corps member? Kaduna State NYSC Newsletter: May 1981, page 10-12.

25. To hell with 39;Cancun” West Africa Magazine: No. 3357, November 30, 1981, page 28, 35.

26. An open letter to Mr. Gowon. New Nigerian: January 2, 1984

27. 1983 – The Year that was. New Nigerian: January 5, 1984 page 5.

28. No more states, please. New African: January 1984, page 37, No. 196.

29. Alaba: The wonder market of Lagos. New Nigerian: February 6, 1984, page 7.

30. The civil services as a pivot of the nation. New Nigerian: March 19, 1984, page 7.

31. These fugitives are dangerous. New Nigerian: March 19, 1984 page 4.

32. Briefs: NYSC Programme expanded. New Nigeria; April 18, 1984.

33. Letters to the editor – Breaking the cycle of filth. Weekly Democrat: April 22, 1984 page 8.

34. Open University should stay. Weekly Democrat: April 29, 1984, page 6.

35. Change of Naira Welcome. Weekly Democrat: April 29, 1984 pg 4.

36. Refueling of arms race – a blessing in disguise. Weekly Democrat: May 13, 1984 page 5.

37. Democracy: Much Ado about Nothing. New Nigerian: June 28, 1984 page 7.

38. The value question in NYSC Language Study. Service News: June/July 1984, page 3.

39. How Britain acts right all the times. New Nigerian: August 23, 1984, page 5.

40. The African abroad and technology for Africa – A paper to the Africa technology discussion group African house, London. (Technology and Information – How can Africa help Africa Magazine, page 17).

41. Two decades of youth development (1) – A round up as we enter the international youth year. New Nigerian: January 8, 1985, page 12.

42. Two decades of youth development (2). New Nigerian: January 9, 1985, page 12.

43. Your paper is becoming reactionary. New Nigerian: January 17, 1985, page 4.

44. Thoughts and Reflections on the 1985 Budget. Nigerian Standard: May 11, 1985, page 5.

45. Thoughts and Reflections on the 1985 Budget. Nigerian Standard: May 13, 1985, page 5.

46. The NYSC Decree, Byelaws, Handbook and Corper’s performance. Nigerian Standard: August 13, 1985, page 8.

47. Dr. Kalu and the IMF loan: Some worrying issues. Nigerian Standard: October 10, 1985, page 5.

48. Plan Today, Destroy Tomorrow. Foreword Magazine: October 1985, page 27.

49. Quot Global Conference & Quot; – Implication for Youth Work. Service

News, 2nd Global Youth Service Edition: October 1985, page 5.

50. The August 27 Coup revisited. Series No. 1. Nigerian Standard: November 4, 1985, page 11.

51. The August 27 Coup revisited. Series No. 2. Nigerian Standard: November 6, 1985, page 11.

52. The August 27 Coup revisited. Series No. 3. Nigerian Standard: The IMF Debate: November 5 & 8, 1985, page 11.

53. The Ordinary Man’s View (II). Nigerian Standard: November 11, 1985, page 8.

54. 1986 Budget: Some more stitches to make. The Standard: February 8, 1986, page 3.

55. 1986 Budget: Some more stitches to make. The Standard: February 10, 1986, page 3.

56. Cars Assembly Plants and the Nation’s Economy. The Standard: February 18, 1986, page 3.

57. Is queuing actually a dehumanizing culture? – A revisit to last orientation. Anambra State NYSC orientation course magazine: 1986 – 1987, page 28, 29 and 30.

58. Encouraging New Trend in corps member 39; relations. NYSC Service Newspaper: February/March 1988, page 7 & 8.

59. Political Stability and Third Republic. Weekly Star: April 9, 1989, page 11.

60. Third Republic – Are Traditional Rulers irrelevant? Daily Star: May 12, 1989, page 11.

61. Abuja in the 1990s. Abuja Newsday: April 11 – 17, 1990, page 7.

62. Better orientation for Corpers. NYSC Service Newspaper: May/June 1990, page 13.

63. Yes, let 39; talk ill of the dead. Abuja Newsday: June 6 – 12, 1990, page 7.

64. Better orientation for Corpers. NYSC Service New Special Edition: December 1990, pages 3, 7 and 14.

65. Ken Saro-Wiwa and the ethnic problem. Abuja Newspaper: June 12 – 18, 1991, page 5.

66. Edo NYSC Business centre commended. The Fountain: October 18 – 24, 1992.

67. Nation Building: A letter to my friend in Abuja. The Fountain: November 1, 1992, page 6.

68. Building the Nation: To a friend in Abuja – our wealth Syndrome. The Fountain: November 15, 1992, page 7.

69. Building the Nation: To a friend in Abuja – The same old story, but … The Fountain: November 29, 1992, page 11.

70. Building the Nation – No to Anarchy. The Fountain: February 28, 1993, page 3.

71. Building the Nation – Technological Breakthrough – Challenge of the Youth (II). The Fountain: February 28, 1993, page 3.

72. Building the Nation – Technological Breakthrough – Tribute to the Nigerian Youth. The Fountain: February 28, 1993, page 7.

73. Building the Nation – Religious worship by air – A Mother &39;s Observation. The Fountain: March 21, 1993, page 3.

74. Building the Nation – Peace and harmony required for our nation. The Fountain: April 25 – May 9, 1993, page 3.

75. The Nigeria Banking System – Need for intervention. The Observer: 1994.

76. Privatization – A wrong formula for National Development (I). The Observer: July 22, 1997, page 10.

77. Privatization – A wrong formula for National Development (II). The Observer: July 22, 1997, page 10.

78. Privatization – A wrong formula for National Development (III). The Observer: July 23, 1997, page 8.

79. Privatization – A wrong formula for National Development (IV). The Observer: July 24, 1997, page 12.

80. Privatization – A wrong formula for National Development (V). The Observer: July 29, 1997.

81. Privatization – A wrong formula for National Development (VI). The Observer: August 1, 1997.

82. Post 1992 – can we really proscribe coups? (I). Daily Star: April 14, 1988, page 5.

83. Power shift – No longer the real issue in Nigerian Politics. Equity 1998.

84. Cultism and youth developments in Nigeria. The Observer, August 16, 1999, page 3.

85. NYSC: 30Years of Building Trust, Togetherness and Mutual Tolerance. Daily Times: November 22, 2003.

86. Three decades of NYSC: A Show of Strength and Resilience.Daily Trust: December 1, 2003, page 8.

87. Market as Supreme Biz Sector. The Nigerian Observer, April 13, 2004

88. The President’s NYSC Honours Award: A Celebration of Excellency in our Youths. The Nigerian Observer, December 15, 2005

89. Catholic Church, Uromi Diocese: External and Internal Inputs. The Nigerian Observer, February 13, 2006.ETC

90. Reflection on unemployment in Nigeria in the Nation newspaper 28th April 2014

91. Reflection on the Nigerian Immigration Service tragedy in the Nation Newspaper 3rd April, 2014 etc.

92. Blaming the past can’t lead to recovery – A response to Achebe& 39s 1999 Odenigbo lecture as translated by Obu Udeozo (1999).

93. A fresh look at the monthly environmental sanitation exercise in Nigeria (1999).

94. 1999/2000 NYSC orientation course: Issues and Agenda for National Reconciliation and Development in Nigeria (2000).

95. Needed: A composite wage system for Nigeria (November, 1999).

96. An open letter to parents in Edo (November, 1999).

97. The youth as a cannon fodder (November, 1999).

98. Orientating the youths for National Development. Induction notes (2001).

99. Exorcising the evil spirits of impatience and intolerance from Nigerian polity.

100. The oil crisis in Nigeria a review of and commentary on the report of the petroleum distribution panel (October, 2000).

101. Dr. Ojeh and the AIDS virus debate.

102. Tuesday Live and the Liberalization Debate.

103. Observation and comments on the 1999 constitution (April, 2002).

104. Re-positioning the NYSC for the 1st quarter of 21stcentury (April, 2002).

105. Forging greater commitment to the ideals and programmes of NYSC: A case for post service adjustment allowance for corps members in Nigeria.

106. Building Today’s Youth for Tomorrow Leadership Challenges: A paper delivered at the Focus National Youth Summit at the Women Development Centre on 30thSeptember, 2005.

107. NYSC and Health Care Delivery in Nigeria: A paper delivered at the United Nation House at a UNESCO organized workshop on 16thJanuary, 2006 etc

108. Pains In My Heart: Why Nigeria Has Remained Highly Disunited And Under Developed: The Uninspiring Role Of The Nigerian Elite In Nation-Building (1960-2018) – Nov, 4, 2018 pg. Dr. John Abhuere.

109. The Unity and Development Crisis in Nigeria: Reflection On Why Nigeria Has Remained Poor, Highly Disunity And Under-Developed: Invitation To Nigeria Elite On Nation-Building

110. Ripples Of Fear From The House Of Oil In Nigeria: The Administrative Rift Between Dr. Ikechukwu – Minister Of State For Petroleum Resources& Dr. Baro GMD NNPC: Implications Corporate Governance in Nigeria.

111. The Menace of political Godfatherism as a Factor in the Nigeria (June, 2019).

112. Commends – National Development plans and the integration of library planning.

113. Criticism against Obaseki unjustifiable and misleading –

114. NGO tasks Government on Job Creation

115. Opinion: Youth, Death and Challenge of National Service in Nigeria

116. Nigeria: Nagging Issues in Road Safety in Nigeria

– For My Latest Works Please kindly see ‘street journals.org’ and Google Dr. John Abhuere’s Comments on National Issues in Nigeria.

– Columnist with the Nigerian Observer – 2014-2016, Benin: Road Map – Nigeria -The Way Forward.


1. Edo Boys High School Old Boys Association.

2. Corpers Association Benin, 1994.

3. Uromikhide Club of Benin, 1992

4. Chairlove – Charity Club, 1993.

5. Was commended severally by the NYSC DHQ for instance in 1990, 1994, 1995.

6. Corpers Welfare Association, Kebbi State – 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998.

7. Commended by Edo Community in Kebbi State and Esan Union, Birnin Kebbi.

8. Commended by Institute of Industrialists and Corporate Administrators.

9. Decorated by Institute of Corporate Administrators of Nigeria.

10. Leadership Distinction Award by the Nigeria Organization for Youth Advancement, 2005.

11. 2006 Best Federal Director of the Forth Republic by the Institute of Democracy and Good Governance.

12. Global Lifetime Achievers International Award 2010, Ghana

13. Honoured by Accolade Communications, Accolade Ambassador 2011.

14. Africa Union Parliament(ASUP) For been PAN African Servant Leadership Award, May, 2018 for being a highly “Detribalized Nigeria, Lover of Student/Youths and a Charismatic Personality whose credible credentials of Efficient Service Delivery, High Administrative acumen, Administrative Prudence, Employment Creation, Economic and Human Capital Development, Philanthropy and Community Service yet unsung marks him as an iconic patriot in our African Society worthy of emulation”.

15. Honoured by Arewa Youth Peace Initiative Kaduna as an Icon of Good Leadership Symbol of Greater Nigeria and Tremendous contribution to youth, Women and the Nation at Large.

16. Edo Boys’ High School Old Boys Association 1994.

17. Chair Love – Charity Club, 1993.

Prof Abhuere is a scholar with interest in Development and Management, prolific writer, an author and a commentator on social affairs. He is the author of two books namely b“Youth Policy and Administration in Nigeria since 1970s and Power of Youth and Other Essays. Also, written over 100 articles in both local and international journals.


1. Youth Policy and Administration in Nigeria since 1970 – issues insights: A study in public administration(2000)
2. Power of Youth and other Essays on the Political Economy of Nigeria since Independence (2015)…Sunshine publishers Abuja.

1. Straight Talk: A collection of Essays on Developments in Nigeria, volume 1 &amp2
2. Administration of Youth Service Organization. An evaluative study of the NYSC of Nigeria 1973 – 78 Ph.D. Thesis, University of Benin.
3. The Diary of a Corper (1978).
4. Organization of Youths for National Development M.SC. Thesis: Centre for Development Studies, University of Wales, U.K. (1984).
Notes on Theories and Practice of Industrial relations in NIgeria being lecture notes for students of public Administration , Nassarawa state University, Lafia 2011
5. Professorial Dissertation on: “Nigeria: Unity and Development in Retrospect – The Leadership, Management and Governance Challenge since Independence”submitted to ICOFGlobal University USA.
5. Currently working on the Book: National Unity Is Possible In Nigeria-The Challenge of the Ruling Elites…
6. Currently working on four Books: (a) Restructuring Debate in Nigeria (2013-2020): A Review -Is the call for Regionalism necessary? ….Invitation to Nation building (b)Nigeria Unity and development in Retrospect: The challenge of leadership, management and governance – the need to change the narrative and approach to Nation building (3) Nation Building In Nigeria: A Global Comparative Analysis (4) Managing Youth for Desired Results- principles and Practice
Dr. Abhuere holds Traditional title of:

i. Ehinomen of Kebbi.
ii. Oven-non-r’efuare of Ebelle Kingdom.
His hobbies include:

i. Writing.
ii. Music.
iii. Dancing.
iiii. Lawn Tennis.
Chief (Prof) Abhuere is a philanthropist, a writer of note, administrator par excellence, a guru in management, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Centre for Childcare and Youth Development(CCYD), Uromi, Esanland, Edo State. He has been very much involved in community development both at home and across the nation.

Prof Abhuere, whose academic and occupational interest is in youth development and empowerment, is happily married with children.


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