15 Best Foundations for Mature Skin, According to Experts

First things first, don’t forget to prep your skin. “Think of your face as the canvas for your makeup,” says Dr. Graf. “Treating your skin to the best of your ability beforehand makes application easier, and the results look better. Use a hydrating moisturizer and a primer specifically designed for your skin concerns, like redness or pore size. Once the moisturizer with an SPF and smoothing primer are applied, the foundation is ready to be stippled on.”

With liquid formulas, Mellinger advises “applying foundation with a brush and then sheering out with a damp sponge,” she says. “Some tinted moisturizers or serums can simply be applied and blended well with your fingers, but those tend to be much lighter in coverage with more room for error.”

“If you like to wear foundation on the full face, first apply a sheer layer all over, then build coverage only where you feel like you need it,” adds Shakeshaft. “Going straight in with a full coverage all over tends to look heavy, it doesn’t wear as long, as is more prone to settling into fine lines and wrinkles.”

Don’t prefer a glowy look? Dust on a sheer layer of powder atop your liquid foundation to help reduce shine, suggests Shakeshaft.


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