Rudy Giuliani’s election fraud lawyer wants to dump him for being a frustrating tightwad

Rudy Giuliani is soon to be in the market for new representation in his ongoing election fraud trial after it was announced on Friday that Bruce Castor — the former Montgomery County district attorney who repped Trump in his second impeachment trial — filed an eight-page motion asking to be removed.

In Castor’s filing, he claims that his soon to be former client has “failed to respond to discovery requests or, frustratingly, work even in the slightest,” according to The Philadelphia Inquirer, adding on that he has also experienced quite a bit of difficulty in getting paid for services already rendered.

“He’s not cooperating, and he’s not paying me,” Castor said, remarking on the fact that Giuliani was given a deadline to make good on his retainer, which expired last week.

The claims of non-payment were disputed by Ted Goodman, a political adviser who spoke on Giuliani’s behalf after being asked to comment on the filing by a reporter for The Daily Beast. In his statement, Goodman claims that Castor was indeed paid, and calls the accusations “disappointing.”

“We understand he lacks the courage to stick with what he perceives as an unpopular cause among the cocktail party crowd, but it’s very disappointing to see him take these cheap shots at the mayor simply because he thinks the mayor is an easy target and because he wants to suck up to the anti-Trump legal community,” Goodman remarked on the matter.

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Giuliani is in danger of losing his right to practice law in Washington after already having his license suspended in New York back in 2021. 

Among other legal issues, he’s currently being accused by the Office of Disciplinary Counsel of “undermining the legitimacy of a presidential election” after a civil lawsuit was filed by a voting supervisor for disinformation he — along with Trump — spread about the 2020 election. 

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