This At-Home Laser Hair Removal Device Is 50 Percent Off Right Now

Summer is gone and the cold winter months lay ahead. While we could sit and mourn mini skirt season, here’s an alternative: start primping for next year. If you indulge in any kind of hair removal, you know what a pain it can be–emotionally and physically. Waxing and shaving can both cause skin irritation and ingrown hairs, all for results that barely last a week. Looking for a new routine? Try laser hair removal.

Silk’n Flash&Go Express

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Flash&Go Express

Silk’n Flash&Go Express

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Traditionally, laser hair removal is expensive and painful–plus it requires you to book an appointment with a professional. But there are now at-home permanent hair removal devices, most of which used a form of pulsed light to reduce unwanted hair—forever. A quick note: not all devices are suited to every hair color or skin tone. If you’re unsure if a device is safe for you, ask a medical professional before using it.

Right now, one of the most trusted and effected hair removal brands, Silk’n, is having a massive sale on their IPL devices. Their bestselling Flash & Go Express Hair Removal Device is 50 percent off, bringing the price down to $164.40. The Silk’n Flash & Go Pro is 40 percent off, bringing the price down from $349 to just $209.40. These deals will only last for October 11th and 12th, thanks to Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale event. These devices might not be this cheap again for a long, long time so buy them now before the prices go back to normal. By the time it’s miniskirt weather again, your legs will be hairless and smooth.

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