“Clearly irked” judge fines Trump real estate firm $10K a day over probe into inflated assets

New York Justice Arthur F. Engoron has imposed a daily $10,000 fine on real estate giant Cushman and Wakefield for failing to turn over documents to state investigators examining if Donald Trump inflated the value of his real estate holdings.

“On Tuesday afternoon, a clearly irked Justice Arthur F. Engoron signed an order ripping into the real estate behemoth for missing a deadline to turn over documents—after having two months to meet it,” The Daily Beast reported. “He criticized the company, which routinely helped Trump value properties in ways that benefited him directly, for dragging its feet.”

In April, the same judge ruled that Cushman & Wakefield lied and broke its own internal policies to help the Trump Organization.

“The massive, national real estate firm was supposed to deliver documents related to its valuations of all kinds of properties—so that state investigators could compare how the company treated other projects compared to Trump developments,” The Beast reported. “The office of New York Attorney General Letitia James issued subpoenas between September 2021 and February 2022 that the firm still hadn’t complied with, so the judge ordered the company to play ball in April. But the firm fought that in appellate court—and lost.”

The company had failed to comply with a June 29 deadline set by the judge.

“Time is of the essence. State investigators are set to interview former President Donald Trump and two of his children—Don Jr. and Ivanka—in closed-door depositions the week of July 18. And investigators have said they need to review the evidence from Cushman and Wakefield before those interviews,” The Beast noted.

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