Fezco’s Grandma Wants to Return For Euphoria Season 3: ‘I Want To Go After Laurie’

To go viral with less than 10 minutes of screen time, you need to either be Harry Styles in a Marvel movie or, apparently, “a motherfuckin’ G.” In the latter’s case, there’s Kathrine Narducci, who plays Fezco’s grandmother in the opening scenes of Euphoria season 2. A power-suit-wearing, pistol-wielding bombshell with “God’s Word God’s Will” emblazoned across her back, she starts the episode by shooting Fezco’s abusive father in both of his legs.

A drug dealer and surrogate mother to Fez and his adopted brother, Ashtray, her parenting style is both formidable (“Don’t ever fall in love. It’s the one instinct you can’t trust.”) and warm (re: Ashtray, “Look at him. He’s a cute little bastard.”) But after an unclear ailment—likely a stroke—puts her in a coma, Fez is on his own, both as a guardian to Ash and an heir to the drug business.

Narducci’s performance was easily one of the most memorable of the season, and within hours of episode 1 airing her scenes went viral. At a June event in Tribeca honoring Chanel’s Through Her Lens program with the Tribeca Film Festival, Narducci spoke with ELLE.com about becoming an unexpected fan-favorite. “First of all, my niece called me up,” she says. “[She] is obsessed with the show and knew about it before I did the show. And she goes, ‘Oh my God, you have a million hits on TikTok.’ I was like, ‘What?’”

kathrine narducci at the through her lens 2022 tribeca film festival women's filmmaker luncheon

Kathrine Narducci at the Through Her Lens 2022 Tribeca Film Festival Women’s Filmmaker Luncheon.

Sean ZanniGetty Images

Perhaps, in hindsight, the instant adoration was predictable: The character had one of the most dynamic introductions of the entire cast. “I felt so empowered getting out of that car, walking through that strip club,” Narducci says. “I mean, that was a power suit. And now that color is the color; they put that color on the map this season. Just the fashion, the makeup, I felt an incredible power.”

As for that coma, it does make Narducci’s possible return for season 3 a bit sticky. But she stresses that she wants to pave the way for a return of everyone’s new favorite grandma. And if Grandma can awaken with her faculties still intact, Narducci’s got a mission on the brain, especially after season 2’s brutal finale saw Ashtray killed, Fez wounded, and Zendaya’s Rue on the hook for Laurie’s (Martha Kelly) drug money.

“I hope I go back,” Narducci says. “I got to come out of that dang coma. I told [director] Sam [Levinson] I want to come out of the coma, and go after Laurie…She’s going to come after Zendaya. Zendaya needs a little help.”

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