I’m Going To Lead Industrial Revolution, Give Nigerians 24-hour Electricity – Sowore Says After Winning Presidential Primary

Human rights activist and presidential candidate of the African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore, on Thursday promised Nigerians 24-hour electricity, noting that he is not only leading political revolution but an industrial revolution.

Sowore, who affirmed that his government would give workers a “living wage,” spoke after emerging as the African Action Congress presidential flag bearer for the 2023 general elections in a primary where he was unopposed.

He said, “I took a look at other parties’ candidates that we are putting up with, at the 2023 elections and I am happy and sad.”

“I am sad because Nigeria is more severe and unable to figure out how to choose great leaders at various party levels. I’m happy that we now have an opportunity to differentiate between darkness and light; to differentiate between the corrupt and the honest or incorruptible; to differentiate between the old and young; to differentiate even between the sick and healthy; to differentiate between as you say; the ugly and fine; to differentiate between the strong or weak.

“To differentiate between those who are exposed, and those who are barbaric; to differentiate between those who are thieves and some of us who will catch them.

“So, the people of Nigeria now have a clear choice and we are warning now that you had a choice in 2019 but you looked the other way. Now is the time to make the right decisions for your future and for the future of your children; the future of our country, the future of Africa and the future of the world.

“And, I hope when I’m done as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria after 2023, the next president will be a female and that is what will happen. I have come to accept your nomination on behalf of myself.

“What we are bringing you is good healthcare. Those students who have been home because the lecturers are on strike, we are going to reopen your schools and our children who are in the educational sector from kindergarten to university.

“We are no longer working on basic universal education because we have moved past basic education. We are offering you top level technologically driven education.

“We will also clearly manage a government that is compact and effective. We will work and go after the Nigerian constitution that is not only fake, but antiquated and illegitimate because it was created by the military. That Constitution has to change. For workers, you are going to get a living wage.”

“We are promising this country lights in the place of darkness. Because we know and I know that I can provide 24/7 Electricity in Nigeria so that we can power not only a political revolution but an industrial revolution,” he added.


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