Nigeria Won’t Make Meaningful Progress Till It’s Restructured —Ondo Governor, Akeredolu

Governor of Ondo State, Rotimi Akeredolu (SAN), has condemned the 1999 constitution, which puts security on the exclusive list of the Nigerian government.
Akeredolu, the Chairman of the Southern Governors’ Forum, on Thursday, said there can be no meaningful project in the country as long as it is not restructured to devolve power to federating units.

He said the Nigerian government wields too much power, hence, a need to rejig the constitution in such a way that would give power to the states in the country.
According to Arise News, Akeredolu said, “We hold it as self-evident that a federal state must put in place a system of administration, which reflects its heterogeneous character. The federating units must progress from the semblance of autonomy to the recognition of their unique features, which justify their existence.
“All institutions must emerge as consequences of deliberative engagements designed to accommodate and serve all segments of society. Social services become seamless and effective when governance is localised.”
Akeredolu added that lawmakers must consider making laws that would deepen the current democratic experiment.
While speaking on the growing acceptability of the Amotekun Corps, Akeredolu explained that the corps has ensured that collaborative efforts among security agencies yield maximum protection for the general public.
“It, therefore, becomes anomalous and suspicious to insist on a central command structure of policing the polity. We are proud of our modest intervention at a most auspicious moment in the country. We enjoin all patriots to look critically into the issues bordering on the challenges faced by the country as a result of the current system.
“Devolution of powers must be perceived as necessary for the development of the country. There can be no meaningful progress in a system where the federating units are treated as mere outposts for the central administration,” he added.


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