Trump court filing demands his judge be removed from case – because he was appointed by Bill Clinton

In court documents filed in the Southern District of Florida, former President Donald Trump demanded that Judge Donald M. Middlebrooks be disqualified from his case because he was appointed to the bench 25 years ago by former President Bill Clinton.

“Hillary Clinton acted as First Lady of the United States, during the time of the Judge’s nomination,” the court document explained. 

Trump is suing Clinton along with about 50 other people in a typo-laden lawsuit saying that there was a conspiracy attempting to link him to Russia ahead of the 2016 election. Ironically, Trump’s case has already proved that former Secretary Clinton wasn’t the driving forcebehind the alleged conspiracy. 

Trump is seeking $24 million in damages, though given that he won the presidency, it’s unclear how he was wronged. According to Trump, he spent $24 million “in the form of defense costs, legal fees, and related expenses.”

Trump, however, admits that they don’t really know if there is any impropriety, they just assume that there is. 

“The Plaintiff is also unaware if the Judge has [a] current relationship with either the Defendant, HILLARY CLINTON, or her husband, and how far back the relationship has existed,” said the documents.

Given the 2016 election happened after Judge Middlebrooks was put on the bench, it’s unclear whether meeting Hillary Clinton’s husband 25 years ago would qualify as a reason to be dismissed. 

“Trump’s primer on the law included Roy Cohn’s three rules of litigation: Never settle, never surrender; counterattack immediately; no matter the outcome, always claim victory. Over the course of his litigious life, Trump was better at adhering to the latter two rules than the first, because the social reality of legal facts often dictates settling,”  wrote Gregg Barak, emeritus professor of criminology and criminal justice at Eastern Michigan University.


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