Zelensky and Musk in row over Ukraine ‘peace plan poll’

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy speaks with the recently exchanged Ukrainian prisoners on September 21, 2022.Getty Images

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky has hit back at Elon Musk after the Tesla boss posted a Twitter poll with his suggestions for ending Russia’s invasion.

Mr Musk asked his 107.7m followers to vote on ideas that included ceding territory to Russia.

In response Mr Zelensky posted his own poll asking users if they liked the world’s richest person more when he supported Ukraine.

Other Ukrainians criticised Mr Musk.

Ukraine’s outgoing ambassador to Germany Andrij Melnyk used a strong expletive, which he described as his “very diplomatic reply”.

Meanwhile Russian chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov said: “This is moral idiocy, repetition of Kremlin propaganda, a betrayal of Ukrainian courage & sacrifice.”

Mr Musk’s ideas included votes in parts of Ukraine occupied by Russia that Russia says it is annexing.

The multi-billionaire said: “Russia leaves if that is will of the people.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has already declared four Ukrainian regions to be part of Russia, following so-called referendums denounced as fraudulent by Kyiv and its Western allies. Russia does not fully control any of the four regions.

Mr Musk also suggested the world should formally recognise Crimea – annexed by Russia in 2014 – as part of Russia.

Ten hours after being posted the poll had attracted more than 2m votes.

Mr Zelensky responding with his own poll asking: “Which @elonmusk do you like more? One who supports Ukraine [or] One who supports Russia.”

Eight hours after it was posted, that poll had been voted on more than 1.5m times.

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Earlier in Russia’s invasion Mr Musk’s satellite internet company sent equipment to the country.

That gained Mr Musk popularity in Ukraine and he was subsequently invited by Mr Zelensky to visit when the war with Russia was over.


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