Letter From Kabba Prison By Anene Victor Udoka: An Egalitarian Society Is Possible

Today happens to be the 29th day of April 2021. It is now 25 days since we were abducted by some fellow oppressed Nigerians on the orders of the Kogi State Government. 

It is imperative that I send this birthday message out. Even as my birthday is three (3) days away. In life, you are either running with a vision, going on a mission or burning with a passion. If you don’t belong to any of these, then life is reduced to a BURDEN. To attain that bright future, we all desire as Nigerians, urgent steps are required; starting from denial of personal comfort. 

Let me express my support at this juncture, for the struggle for an independent judiciary even as it is no news that I am a direct victim of the strike action, just like many Nigerians in here. I am in the know that the bright future we desire requires sacrifice. I have peace because I am playing my part. 

Pints of anxiety gush through my veins as I pen down this message, knowing that there is a plan by our oppressors to eliminate the two of us here at Kabba Prison. But fellow Nigerians, do not forget the lives we lost at #LekkiMassacreon the 20th day of October 2020. The bloodshed in Nigeria has hit an alarming rate. What more sacrifice shall ours be in the struggle for a better society? I know there are a lot of Nigerians on the other side, as the system, over the years, has succeeded in dividing us across religious, ethnic and political lines. My plea to my fellow oppressed citizens is to take a minute and reflect on this message. Because as against the lies of the ruling class, we only have these two sides- THE OPPRESSED AND THE OPPRESSORS. 

Sometime in January 2021, while addressing the Press at the Magistrate Court in Abuja, Omoyele Sowore told Nigerians that it was time to pick a side. Circumstantially, I have come to realize that the PICKING A SIDE is not as easy as proclaimed. It is also common knowledge that our continuous silence has further emboldened the system to prey on even our morals; making the abnormalities normal. And a mass of our people have this unfortunate opinion that we are beyond redemption. Yet again, I beg to differ, for I believe there is hope for our great country. The fact that you are reading this message now provides me some form of satisfaction that I am on the right side of history- a huge priviledge. I hope that one day, not too far from now, when any Nigerian is asked to define the Nigerian Dream, it would be that AN EGALITARIAN SOCIETY IS POSSIBLE. Hence, my only birthday wish is that you intensify the conversation on not only the freedom of #Kogi2, but also the freedom of our collective future from the claws of our oppressors. 

On behalf of Emmanuel Larry and myself, I appreciate every Nigerian for not just their social media engagements in all forms but also their care. Without your support, life in here would have been more hellish.   

To my beautiful wife, your sacrifice is golden. I hope my Chukwuchebe would someday understand why I had to deny him the fatherly love he deserves. 


​​​​​​​​Anene Victor Udoka

a.k.a Revolution Prophet


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