Stop mining activities along Praso River – Mpraeso MP to govt

Member of Parliament (MP) for the Mpraeso constituency in the Eastern Region, Mr. Davis Opoku Ansah has called on the government to stop Soon Mining Company Limited from mining for gold along the Praso River.

Mr. Ansah Opoku made the call during the first ordinary meeting of the second session of the eighth assembly of the Kwahu South Municipal.


The Mpraeso lawmaker said the activities of the mining company if not checked will affect Ghana’s cocoa production.

“The effect of mining on the people of Praso will not only destroy the river body and lands but also negatively affect our cocoa production, and we all must make a decision today as we have met here”.


The assembly members also unanimously rejected Soon Mining for the operational permit.

They questioned why the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Minerals Commission would grant access to the company when they know that it will affect the only river body that serves the people of Kwahu.


“The Kwahu municipality suffers water challenges, and the people rely on river bodies for drinking and farming purposes and this is a threat to our very existence here,” one of the aggrieved assembly members said.



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