InterFaith Youth Leadership Summit held in Kasoa

An InterFaith Youth Leadership Summit organised by the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints in collaboration with the Ghana Education Service (GES) and Awutu Senya East Municipal Assembly has been held at the Church of Jesus Latter -Day Saints, Kasoa in the Central Region of Ghana.

The summit which was on the theme: “Strengthening the rising generation” assembled dignitaries, religious and educational leaders to grace the summit with their experience.

In a brief welcome address, the National Communication Director of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Dr. Osei Agyemang Bonsu expressed joy seeing the people at the high table adding it was a sign that we want positive change for our rising generation.

According to him, Kasoa has been a fasting growing area that needed more of this summit. Dr. Osei Bonsu entreated all to involve themselves in impacting positively our rising generation.

The guest speaker for the summit who also doubled as Deputy Director of Ghana Education Service (GES) for Awutu Senya East, Madam Stella Abutiate admonished parents, leaders, and stakeholders to strengthen the youth by communicating goals to them consistently, putting them into smaller groups for proper supervision, perform regular check-ups and wrap-ups for them to express their thoughts freely and provide leadership roles for them to be responsible. She urged parents, leaders, role models to involve the youth in programs to make them active positively in society.

Later, there were solidarity messages by representatives from NCCE, ISD, Social Welfare and Communication Development, Gender, and Ofaakor traditional council.

In all there were five presentations from resource persons in these areas;

1. Freedom of choice and accountability by Ms. Amtul Muharim Andoh.

On the above subject, Ms. Amtul Muharim Andoh noted the choices we make always connect accountability. She advised the youth to be careful about the choices they make and stay away from peer pressure and danger.

2. Dress and appearance by Mrs. Faustina Otoo.

In her presentation she urged the youth to be modest in all their dealings especially when none was watching them. Mrs Faustina Otoo used the platform to demonstrate the choices and its consequences using elements of water, fruit juice, sugar and an alcoholic component.

3. Education, Media, Internet and Entertainment by Pastor Stephen Kwaku Owusu.

During his presentation, Pastor Stephen Kwaku Owusu said education as an investment brings greater rewards. He entreated the youth to focus on their education or skills by studying hard to become great personalities they dream to be. Pastor Stephen Kwaku Owusu cautioned the youth against the wrong used of social media and internet adding that social media has not been evil but they way we handle it could become evil.

4. Honesty and integrity by Father Gideon Awuah.

Father Gideon Awuah said integrity and honesty have been seemed synonymous but they are different. According to him, honesty play a major role in our lives but without integrity we could not be whole. Father Gideon Awuah cautioned the youth, parents, leaders, mentors against personality cults and challenged participants to be honest to themselves, honest to others and honest to their dealings.

5. Physical and emotional health by Mr. Sam Sackey Snr.

On the above subject, Mr. Sam Sackey Snr implored the youth to have enough rest, exercise regularly, eat well balanced meal, research and ask questions and avoid betting. Mr. Sam Sackey admonished the youth to focus on their goals and make sure they do not stay on social media into the night. Again, he emboldened parents, mentors and leaders to never give up on the values or virtues society underpins for quality youth development.

The Chairman for the summit, Rev. Ben Newlife Zotoo said the dignitaries at the high table has been supportive. He suggested a follow up from the various institutional leaders from all quarters to select five to ten influential students from all schools in the municipality to part be of the up coming workshop so that more youth can be imparted.

He urged all to build their lives on pillars of honesty and integrity for the betterment of the society and thanked all for their presence. Afterwards, certificates were awarded to participants.


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