Challenges collapsing our businesses; We need gov’t intervention—Poultry Farmers

The Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) of Bossway Farm Co. sited at Ejisu-Krapa in the Ejisu Municipal of Ashanti Region, Mr. Thomas Adom has indicated that the challenges currently confronting the poultry farmers in the country are unbeatable and that unless the government comes to their aid, the probability of the collapse of the industry cannot be ruled out.

Speaking to the Modernghana News in an interview, Mr. Adom expressed worry that poultry farmers in the country are doing all that they can do to revamp and boost their businesses but to no avail, as a result of economic pressure.

The farmer hinted that the sales from the industry have been drastically reduced at a greater proportion, consequential to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the government decision that poultry farmers should halt distributing eggs to schools, despite the fact that eggs and the fowls itself contain some useful proteins to build human body including brains per research conducted by Indian scientists.

Aside from the fall of product sales, Mr.Adom commented on huge production and labour cost as some of the vital challenges that are contributing in no small measure to phase out the industry, adding that there is no clear evidence that poultry farmers have hope so far as sales are concerned.

According to the C.E.O, poultry farmers play a leading role in economic development, stressing that apart from opening job avenues through its existence, the industry also helps other farmers like maize, beans among other crop growers to make earns meet by buying their farm produce, and therefore urged the government not to limit her focus on the cocoa farmers alone but also pay proper attention to poultry farming which also forms part of generating foreign income earnings to the country.

Appealing strongly for government intervention to save the poultry industry from total collapse, Mr. Adom urged the government to encourage professionals to regularly impact their experience to poultry farm owners to help enhance the industry.


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