Be careful when born on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday — Dr. Saba reveals

The founder and owner of Sabash Herbal Centre, Dr. Kwabena Saba has revealed that the day a person is born has spiritual implications in a person’s life.

He said persons born on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday must be very careful in life because those days are not spiritually good for childbirth.

According to him, some days are called ‘Dabɔne’ to wit “evil days” in the Akan dialect.

He noted that giving b irth on such days comes with some spiritual implications in a person’s life.

Dr. Kwabena Sab noted that Fridays and Saturdays are the days people weep, wailing and mourn the dead in Ghana.

“Which are the days most people go and pick their dead from the mortuary? Which days are the dead buried?” he quizzes.

Dr. Saba revealed that, spiritually, Fridays and Saturdays are the days evil spirits operate a lot. “They are active from 5:30pm on Friday till 8:30am Saturday morning. Another evil spirit operates from 11.30am on Saturday and ends at midnight of Sunday.”

According to him, when one is born during these times given on Friday and Saturday, the child often becomes very stubborn and struggle to make it in life. “If you’re born within the times I’m talking about then, unless God intervenes, it shall be very difficult for you to succeed”.

He made these revelations when he spoke to Charles of Television CK on the topic ‘Glory’ monitored on YouTube.

Dr. Saba revealed further that, the spirits that operate on Friday and Saturday are not kind. “We use alcohol, water and sometimes we add flour to water to use. All these are done to pacify the spirits to weaken their powers and attacks.

“From Friday 5:30pm to Saturday 8:30am and from Saturday 11.30am to midnight of Sunday, the spirits that rule on those days don’t have sympathy for mankind”.

In concluding, the founder of Sabash Herbal Centre cautioned all people to be careful about what they do on Fridays and learn to be careful in activities they engage in.

“I don’t lie and cannot lie and also don’t say things I don’t know. Please take my word seriously, abide by it and all shall be well with you,” he emphasised.


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