Imposing titles on yourself without God’s calling is self-glorification — Rev Addae

Reverend Albert Kwasi Addae, Third Parish Pastor of Dela Cathedral, E.P. Church, Ghana, on Sunday said self-imposed titles and names without God’s calling is self-glorification.

He said any such aggrandisement, without a servant-like calling, was only a charade in an earthly manner.

Rev Addae, who was preaching the sermon on the theme: “Die with Jesus and Live,” said titles were not a panacea for doing God’s work.

He said to attain bishophood in the Catholic Church, for instance, was not a child’s play and that self-seeking pastors must be measured in the use of nomenclatures to satisfy their personal egos.

He said the selection to Christ’s priesthood was divine and not by the strength of any human being.

“God is everywhere, limitless, and does not dwell in any physical structure or building,” Rev. Addae said.

Jesus, the Christ, came as a living covenant, he said, and urged Christians to internalise or receive Him in all aspects.

“May the hand of God and that of Jesus Christ be with mankind now and forever, while we await his second coming,” he said.



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