Lack of submission in marriages cause of rampant divorce

Nana Ogyedum Tsetsewa I, Mankrado Gomoa Oguan, has attributed lack of submission in marriages as the result of the increasing divorce cases in society.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency at Tema on the rate of divorce, Nana Tsetsewa, said, most often young couples seek solutions for their marital problems from social media.

She said these social media marriage counsellors failed to appreciate the issues, “unfortunately these self-acclaimed social media marriage counsellors are feminists, divorcees, lesbian and inexperience people”.

The Gomoa Oguan Mankrado also noted that parents do not prepare their children for marriage; in today’s world, most families have left the education of the children in the care of their teachers.

She charged parents to take charge of the children’s education which is not only formal but the informal system through the traditional family norms.

Nana Tsetsewa claimed that the workload of young couples deprived them of having quality time with their partners, “most of them are now cheating at the workplace, and some also party with their unmarried friends and their lovers, creating confusion in marriages”.

She, therefore, called on society and family to take charge of the traditional upbringing of children



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