Ing. Ebenezer Aidoo concerned over the “Deliberate” Exclusion of Ahanta in new GES text book

Ing. Ebenezer Aidoo an indigene of Ahanta who is also a mining engineer has reacted to the current publication by a Badu Nkansah which has seen backlash from a section of Ghanaians.

In the last couple of days, Badu Nkansah publication has come under fire for a book they have published which was ideally meant to be a textbook for Ghanaian basic schools.

The content of the book was deemed derogatory by Ewes who have since registered their displeasure and threat to burn all materials from Badu Nkansah.

The education ministry and other regulatory bodies in charge of Ghana’s educational curriculum distances themselves from the book, saying it has not been approved for use.

The publishers have apologized for what they described as an oversight and a mistake.

However, Reacting to the infamous publication, Ing. Aidoo is also shocked at how the Ahanta tribe has conspicuously been excluded from the Badu Nkansah history book for basic schools when they were listing tribes that fall under the Akan Ethic group.

Ing. Aidoo said, it is not proper for a book that is meant to teach about Ghanaian culture in our schools be segregating tribes from tribes and saying distasteful things about other tribes like it did about Ewes.

He however added that, just as Ewes are demanding an apology from the publishers and recalling of the book from various outlets, Ahanta is demanding same.

Ing. Aidoo said not until Ahantas are included as a tribe within the Akan Ethnic group in the book, they will not be pleased with the book been used by Ahanta students.

Citing how vast the land of Ahanta is and how important Ahanta land has contributed to the gains of Ghana there is no way Ahanta must be excluded from the history of Ghana.

Ing. Aidoo said he feels there is a deliberate attempt by the publishers to purposely sideline the Ahanta tribe for reasons Best know to them.

As a leader of the youth of Ahanta, They are giving the publishers Badu Nkansah a one-week grace period to do the needful by adding all relevant details of the Ahanta tribe to Akan lineage or before the youth of Ahanta advise ourselves.


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