Women should not compete with men but partner them to find their purpose — CEGRAD Cordinator

The Coordinator for Outreach and Advocacy of the Centre for Gender Research, Advocacy and Documentation, Dr Theresah Addai-Mununkum has said women should act as partners to men to enable them find their purpose in society.

She indicated that competing with men would lead to unhealthy rivalry where most men would be antagonistic towards women’s empowerment.

“Women don’t seek to compete with men but rather, we seek partnership with men to help develop our communities,” she noted. “This wouldn’t augur well for us. We are not competing with any man but rather working hand in hand with them to build our societies.”

She further explained that women are not seeking equality but are seeking equity because in every sphere of life two persons cannot the same. “We all have different backgrounds and environments in which we were born and have different abilities”.

She added that women need the support and empowerment necessary to enable them achieve their potentials. “They cannot all have the same needs and wants so we need to look at them separately and give them what they need to help them grow”.

She together with Madam Comfort Garbarh, former Assemblywoman of Yamuransa and Madam Cecilia Aggrey, President of the Abura Market Women Association of Cape Coast were panelists on the theme “Women in Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in a Covid-19 World”.

They spoke to D.C. Kwame Kwakye on GBC Radio Central’s Morning Show on Monday, 8th March, 2021 as part of the International Women’s Day activities being organised by CEGRAD.

Reacting to a question seeking clarity as to whether women were their own enemies or not, Madam Cecilia Aggrey answered in affirmative and revealed that sometimes women are their enemies.

“When you are going up, some women would try and pull you down and when you’re at the base and you want to rise too, some women would prevent you from moving up”.

According to her, recently a comment she heard another woman make against another woman who was seeking a leadership position shocked her to the marrow.

The former Assemblywoman of Yamuransa, Madam Comfort Garbarh said the issue is an individual societal problem.

She added that being a woman and seeking for leadership position was a herculean task for her because “Combining your leadership roles with that of being a wife, and being a mother, a family member and community member wasn’t easy for me when I was voted for the position as an Assembly woman”.

Dr. Theresah Addai-Mununkum stated, “It is not women who are their own enemies but humans are their own enemies. Some men also treat their colleagues in the same way”. She rather, called on women to be supportive of their fellow women who seek leadership positions and also to encourage others who have the desire to lead.

Madam Cecelia Aggrey and Comfort Garbrah thanked GBC Radio Central for the opportunity given and beseeched CEGRAD for more of such collaborations and opportunities for healthy conversations on issues concerning women.

CEGRAD Coordinator for Outreach and Advocacy ended by thanking GBC Radio Central for the collaboration and wished for more of such a working relationship to be able to bring women’s issues to the front burner.


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