STRANEK Africa on International Women’s Day

The Gender and Social Policy Department of STRANEK-Africa joins hands to wish all women a Happy International Women’s Day. STRANEK-Africa finds it refreshing to be part of celebrating women in overpowering challenges during this pandemic and with an audacity of hope for a more equal future.

This day has been set aside to remind us globally the role we can all play in assisting to create an inclusive world and opportunity for women of cultural, linguistic, diverse backgrounds to come together, to reflect, choose to challenge, call out gender bias and inequality.

Many years ago, women were pushed aside. Now, we all know that women are bedrocks in every decision we take as a country. COVID-19 has not only shaken our health life but our economic, social and cultural aspect of our lives especially women and children. As Ghana is recovering from COVID-19, there is a cause for immediate action for women to be given the opportunity to play key roles in deciding how the country can progress amidst pandemic.

In achieving this, the cultural, social, economic and political “Jericho walls” that avert people from taking decisions to make sure there is gender equality must be broken. Even though there has been an increase of female Members of Parliament in the 8th Parliament of Ghana, there should not be gender bias with regards to Parliamentary affairs. These zero tolerances for gender bias should be replicated in all nooks and crannies of Ghana in order to achieve gender equality.

Most women are still venerable in being bold as leaders and through encouragement, they can come out of their shells.

STRANEK-Africa believes that if the barrier is broken, young women and girls will take the leading role to become leaders.

We must all get involved in building mother Ghana.


Adjoa Tima Boafo

Director for Gender and Social Policy

[email protected]


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