A Look At Charity In Ghana – The Aarons Rod Foundation.

Aarons Rod Foundation Inc. (ARF Inc.) is a young but proud non-profit organization based in America reaching out to support the impoverished communities specifically in Ghana, West Africa. The charitable foundation was founded on June 14th, 2014 by Chaplain Maxwell Osei to improve healthcare, education, spiritual and economic development.

The dream of Aarons Rod Foundation (ARF Inc.) begun in 2014 as a small distributor of basic life needs to the needy and has now become a fastest growing domestic hunger-relief organization. The personnel on the executive team of the foundation are dedicated individuals from a variety of backgrounds – all dedicated to creating hunger-free communities.

ARF’s main mission is to build, open, and support medical facilities in regions that have little or no quality medical care available to them through local community input and cooperation. This is a partnership ministry that teams with the local medical and spiritual community with the resources God provides through our donors and grants, combined with the passion for God and each other which will benefit all by God’s grace and for His glory! ARF Inc. shall expressively give the world a taste of God’s kingdom by transforming lives, repairing brokenness, halting oppression, reinstating hope through missions, post-secondary Christian education; Christian leadership development; campus ministry – transforming college students

to transform the world; the arts such as music, theatre, and film; health – medical, dentistry, nutrition, and nursing; community development; social justice and service; and advocating on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable people.

With the support of our generous partners and donors, ARF Inc. is meeting the needs of the less privileged across the country and helping them find their feet to live comfortable lives.

The foundation has already supported quite a good number of people. Beneficiaries of this program where highly esteemed and happy to receive supports from ARF Inc. In the interest of transparency and accountability, ARF Inc. publishes donations for everything to see its successes and efficiencies. Notable among them are donations made to Echoing Hills Village (Madina social welfare) in the Greater Accra region on April 2019 in collaboration with Optimist International. ARF Inc. in partnership with Magho foundation embarked on another donation project at the Echoing Hills Village on December 2020.

On January 2021 ARF Inc. led by the founder, Mr. Maxwell Osei went and made some donations on behalf of the foundation to the Remseyer Child Development Center (Compassion) at Maame-Krobo in the Kwahu North District, Ghana.

As part of it projects and achievements, ARF Inc. has been able to organized three successful community-driven youth empowerment conferences in the United States of America dating back to the following years 2017, 2018, and 2019 under the name “Accelerated Motion Conference”. The focus of the conference is mostly to empower the youth in the community and also to serve as a ‘give-back’ to the community for their support. During the conference, funds are raised as well as charity drive to support the less privileged in Ghana and across Africa.

It is apparent that the ARF Inc. would soon touch more lives looking at the pace of its growth and penetration. Stay informed with the latest ARF Inc. news and updates on their charity programs in Africa.


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