I met Shatta Wale at age 16 and I wasted my youth with him — Shatta Michy

Baby mama of Shatta Wale, popularly known within the showbiz industry as Shatta Michy has stated that she does not regret being with Shatta Wale but things didn’t work out as planned.

She said her relationship with Shatta Wale was a waste of her youth.

“Being with Shatta Wale was a waste of my youth and not my life”.

“I was only sixteen years when I met Shatta and consider it as a waste of my youth because I was young and didn’t know much”.

She made said on Nana Ama McBrown’s show ‘United Showbiz’ on United Television Saturday, 20th February, 2021.

When asked why she thinks being with Shatta Wale was a waste of her youth, the former songstress said “After leaving Shatta Wale, I’ve put my life into a better shape than when I was with him.”

She however admitted that, “I cannot say it is a waste of my life but my youth because things didn’t work out the way I expected. I gained from him and he also gained from me.

“The friends I had from meeting him, the lessons learnt and now having a son were supposed to happen and it was good”.

Shatta Michy indicated that quiting with Shatta Wale has made her better because she now has two houses of her own and has now gone back to school to study law.

“I sold my car and bought one of my houses and the other house has been purchased through savings I made from my restaurant business.

“My son is the reason why I’m putting my life in shape because I don’t want my son to grow and ask me what I’ve done with life and I cannot find something to tell him. He’s the reason why I’ve gone back to school because I’ve to be an example to him.

“He gives me a reason to push on and work harder,” she stated.

Kwame A Plus who was also on the panel advise Shatta Michy that, “You don’t owe anyone any explanation about what happened between you and Shatta Wale. You can choose to say it or not”.

He added, “Should my marriage breakdown and I’m asked what happened, all I shall say is, the fault is mine and nothing else”.

The other panel members on the show were Shatta Michy, Arnold Asamoah and Mona Gucci.

In ending the topic, Shatta Michy said she has learnt her lessons and wants to put her life back into shape.

“I and Shatta Wale are not necessarily friends but we talk once a while and it is only centred on our son”.


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