Throw your men around markets and enforce COVID Protocols—-Queenmother tells IGP

The Market Queen Mother of Ntotroso in Ahafo Region, Nana Esi, has called for the presence of police at the market to ensure the adherence of COVID – 19 safety protocols.

“My call is based on how traders and others who patronise the activities of the market have completely ignore the mandatory wearing of nose masks as directed by President Akufo – Addo” she stated.

In her explanation, announcements have been made on a number of times on the wearing of nose masks but most have turn deaf ears to the call which poses threat to the entire Ntotroso township due to the availability of the second wave of the deadly virus.

“The level of insults I get anytime I confront people to wear the nose masks is unbearable so the availability of policemen will help,” she hinted.

She said the police officers who would be assigned should not spare all defaulters of the said COVID -19 safety protocol to deter others and also send a strong signal to others nation wide especially those who believe the COVID -19 is not real.

“The police need to act fast and be rigid on this else the effective fight initiated by President Akufo Addo against the virus won’t yield any good fruit ” Nana Esi , Ahafo Ntotroso Market Queen Mother said.

The Paramount Chief of Ntotroso Traditional Council , Berima Twereko Ampem , also disclosed to CHRONICLE NEWSPAPER that a task force has been initiated to deal with those who disrespect the wearing of nose masks to avert the spread of the virus.

“How people have ignored the wearing of masks is an eyesore and poses great danger to the entire community,” he mentioned.

Berima Twereko Ampem also appealed to the police to step out immediately to question defaulters and allow the law to deal with them to help make the township a safer place to live.


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